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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Time to catch up on the last few weeks! Although we are slowing down there is still alot to report. So take a seat John F. and Tired Eddie. This Friday October 20 Brian will be celebrating 36 years at the Noon Joe & Charlie mtg. Tom D is speaking and Brian has requestd German Chocolate cake.... not a problem Brian ... we love chocolate . Then on Sunday October 22 Keith A. is celebrating one year along with Tom. Keith has requested Chicken Rigatoni for a meal and so we enlisted Chef John C and Newcomer Shane to help out with the cooking. He also requeted Cheese Cake and Lemon merangue pie. So we enlistd Danny L. and Stacey S. for that request. Eddie G will be speaking for Keith and John S.will present him with his coin. Two weeks later Tyler will be celebrating one year and requested a choloclate cake. It is also John C 's real birthday and Stacey S is making him a cake but I forgot to ask what kind. Down the road Dave H is celebrating one year on December 3. Make plans to come out and show your support for these people . By the way, if we have missed anyone make sure you tell us about it. This past Sunday October 15 after the 1pm AA Mtg we ate serving Tomato Bisque & Hamburger Soup, thanks to Darcy F. and Rebecca T. Bread , Corn Bread and Sue L brought the Ceasar Salad . Delma W. made a cake, we had left over Pat O fudge someone brought some homemade bread ... Eric F.? and Annabel M. brought donuts. We do have some good news.... Ice Cream Steve is back and Ice Cream Char B. is grateful she has been retired until the spring. There was a card game and Stacey S was sure to report she and Gaeton R are back on top and the winners of the week! Danny L and Char B. wqerre not impressed!!! Welcome to newcomer Shane. Keep coming back Well wishes to Patty P. who fell and broke her shoulder and Tom D. who is recouping as well. On Friday we finished up the First 164 pages Big Book Reading and celebrated with a pizza dinner afterwards. Naturally we continue to reward oursleves with food!!! Thank-you Rebecca T for motiviating us to start these meetings. Those of us who made it all the way through have a new understanding of the 12 Steps and we are grateful for that. We have often heard AA is not for everyone and while that may be true you will never know if its for you if you don't first learn the 12 Steps and the best way to do that is attending these 164 pages Big Book Reading . So on Monday October 23 at 6 pm we are starting over and invite you to join us. We already have five people signed up but we have room for more! If you want to know how the Reading has affected people just ask Tired Eddie G. and Dave H, Pat O., Sue L., and Caitlyn S. . All of whom have a new understanding of program. While they can't explain why it is different, Old Timers Danny L and Kenny B. liked the format Rebecca T. brought to the table. So if you are intersted, Bring a Big Book ( if you have one) and your Sponsor ( if you have one) . Just think ... you to can have pizza after you finish the reading !!! Also, we are thinking of adding Fridays @ 5pm so if that time works better for you let us know. Also on Friday Sue L, Pam B, Delma W., and Caitlyn S will be helped Karen M. make cabbage rolls. Karen M in turn will help us with our own Cabbagge Roll Sale scheduled for the First week in November. We will be recruiting volunteers for that fundraiser. We need lots of help. Pat O is a working on another fundraiser . He is setting up Silent Aucton. thanks to Dacry F. we have a signed Boston Bruins Jersey... a flyer will be out soon.... Last Monday Sue L and Delma W worked on the Clubhouse again. They finished the second room and it is all set up for Tired Eddie G. who will be keeping the Club house Open starting the week of October 16. It is a great room to meet with someone privately, with your sponsor or a quiet place to go if its to noisy out there! Thanks for taking that initiative Eddie. Once we have his hours set up we will try to fill in with others so that we can return to keeping the clubhouse open during the day. We already have a few volunteers and the Clubhouse is now staying open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so we are getting there. Also on Monday Gaeton R and Danny L called people to play cards of course and Char B., Carol H., Delma W. ,Sue L. ,Pam B . all played at some pioint int he day. Missing in action was Stacey S. who had other plans .. and she didn't cancel just to play cards? That night was an Al-anon meeting followed by the Big Book 164 pages Reading. Busy day. Dinners of course are going well. Darcy and Adam F. volunteerd to make the meal two weeks ago and served a Taco Bar. It was fantastic and among one of the favaorite meals yet. Once the Dr. heard Danny L was missing the Taco Bar he gave permission for him to have one... he ate two. Maybe that helped him get better. Anyway, thanks Darcy and Adam, we sved those placards just in case you get the crazy idea to work your butts off again and serve Tacos . Not sure what went on that dayas I was not there. I know Delma W. helped out a geat deal and so did Char B., Pat O probably made fudge and Delma a cake.... by the way great to see you Mark S. all the way from Florida. Mark did a one day drive through and stopped in to see us... no Betsy though. Bummer . The next week we celebarated John F. nine year Anniversary Congrats John. Thanks to Karen M we had a fantastic meal of lemon chicken chicken, mashed & scalloped potatoes, baked ziti, green bean casserole, and a whole lot more. Of course fudge from Pat. it was great!. Kenny B gave a great talk on his journey to sobriety and Danny L. presented John with his coin. It was a nice crowd and welcome Francis C. Great to see you at the clubhouse . There were lots of card players that day. Steve, Austin, Danny L, GAeton R., Delma W., Sue L., and Char B. Stacey was not there so we have no idea who won! Finally thanks to Pat O and Delma W for speaking at Hamilton Hall and representing the Clubhouse. We appreciate the time you took out of your day. Also , October 25 we are looking for 2-3 volunteers to help clean the Massena Community Center . Sue L and Austin cleaned the month of September so we are looking for new volunteeers this month. We have been invited to St Johns Church for a Saturday Evening Dinner on November 25. We cetainly will be sending more information on that in a few weeks. The Bill Wilson Trip is really a challenge between weather and driver availability. We hope to get to that figured soon though. We are also bringing back Saturday Movies but have decided to change that to once a month. We will start that in November once Tired Eddie gets our T. V.s straightened around. A reminder this Week: Principles abouve Personalities More next week.

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