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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

I guess I should do a better job at spell check before I send out the newsletter. I'm sure someone( ie Char B. )will let me know if there is a mistake or two or three... I am just glad people read the Newsletter! It takes a lot of mental energy so thanks for reading my updates . We hear John F is in town and hope he stops in on Sunday and we may see Jose again this weekend. . Its always great to see some of the people who passed through the clubhouse. Can't wait to see youLast guys. Also Eddie G will be in town in May.

Last Saturday April 27 Al-Anon is hosted a Mini Day of Sharing at the clubhouse . If you wanted to hear the "other side of the Story" that was the time!! We started at 9:30 am with a Continental Breakfast hosted by Stacie S and Curtis H. It was over the top ... especially the muffins. Eric F. spoke first and focused on his life as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic and the ways in which Al-anon has helped him overcome some of the baggage he carried into adulthood. Carol H. thanked him and presented with him with a thank-you gift. After a short break and more breakfast foods, Patti H. spoke on what it was like to be marrried to an alcoholic . Patti 's story was captivating as she had to overcome some major obstacles in her life and is able to smile today. She too credited Al-Anon for helping her face many issues. Stacie S. thanked Patti and presented her with a thank-you gift as well Then it was time for lunch and as always there was lots of food.soem people stayed around for at least an hour after the program ended. It was really great reconnecting with people. Good to see you Leona. Thanks to Zoom Char B ( from her hospital room) , Maureen C. and a few others were able to join us. We had a nice crowd and are already planning our next event now that we have some momentum going!!

The next day Sunday April 28 Leata C is celebrated 32 years at the 1pm AA meeting. Leata was presented her coin by a fellow AA member from Malone. Congrats Leata. Several people thanked Leata for her service and committment to the program. Louise T. spoke and held the room captive as she told her story . Thanks for remindeing people to stick with the program even at the 25 year mark Louise. Thanks to Karen M we had a fantastic lunch. Pulled chicken bbq, Baked Ziti, tossed salad , coleslaw and pasta salad. It was a good thing we had lots of food because we had a huge crowd of about fifty people. Lots of great dessert too. David D. brought the pies, Delma W.brought a delicious Pinapple upside down cake , Leata C. brought the fudge and Karen supplied peanut butter cake that was fantastic. We are sad to say we have reached a critical ice cream stage. Ice Cream Steve has been away been away and we only have one carton of ice cream left . Hurry home Ice Cream Steve....... Well at least Patti & Dave B are back with the doughnuts . Bruce K was particurally happy about that! Curtis H, Willie M., and Jonathan S. helped set up all the food and Pat S. and David D. helped clean up . Thanks to everyone. There was a card game without Gaeton R. Maybe because he already has his first place trophy? The group was able to survive without him . Jonathan S and Danny L beat Delma W. and Carol H. and David D and Delam W beat Sue & Danny L ... so there was not clear champion . Great day at the clubhouse.

We are still signing up people for Chair Yoga and will set that up sometime soon.. If you are interested let Sue L or Mari P. soon so we can get that rolling. Also we still have Survival Bags left to distribute and we encourage you to take them and pass them out to people who need them. The bags contain Narcan, strips, and toiletries along with AA & NA Mtg schedule. Thanks to Sue Mitchell for doing all the work to make this possible. Sue M. is also going to schedule a Narcan Training with us so look for the date in the next Newsletter. Big Thanks to Jordyn M and Jonathan S for helping clean at the Community Center in Massena last week. Both Jordyn and Jonathan stepped in at the last minute because of a scheduling mix up.

Last Sunday April 21 Donny V. celebrated one year at the 1pm AA Meeting. Dave H. spoke . Dave is a man of few words but meaningful words when he speaks and his message was great. Kathleen M volunteered to take charge of dinner and Sue L will assist. Kathleen served up pizza, wings, & salad. Right when we thought the food was running out Karen M popped in with a huge pan of mashed potatoes chicken and corn dish . Thanks Kathleen and Karen Many compliments on the meal .. The Pitch Tournament finals resumed with Danny L ( Char couldnt be there) & Carol H and Sue L ( Carol had to leave early) played against Gaeton R & Karen M for the Championship . Karen M & Gaeton R. won the tournament so we will revealed the Darcy F. prizes! Gold & Silver trophies made right from her printer. Thanks Darcy ... Gaeton R. really liked his trophy!! Karen M provided week one prizes to the Losers.. lol Gaeton R was not having it and so he ended up going home with a box of Chocolates from the prize bag. He figured he should win a prize for winning that day.. It was a hectic day and lots of people. Welcome back Nick, Louise T., Brian M.& Bobby & Eddie G. Also welcome to our first time visitors Matt & Becki B. Great to see you . the meeting is becoming solarge we are considering getting a microphone. ( We would like to knock out a wall but that will taking some time. ) anyway, thanks to all those people who came out to support Donnie V. first year anniversary. By the way thank you to Pat S for washing dishes again and to Mikey for NCFH. Also the excitment was asking NCFH Ray to stand up so that Eddie G could see is twin on zoom.

The week before Heidi A made Tomato Mac Soup. It was delicious. Karen M came in with baked beans, tossed salad and I foget what else but we ate it!! Along with Delmas Cake, David D.'s Pie , Ice Cream Steve's Ice Cream and Leata C.'s fudge. Thanks to Pat S & Patti H for doing the dishes and Curtis H and Stacccccccie S for cleaning up. Im sure David D was helping too. The Pitch tournament startedand then there was Pop up Karoake . Heidi A, Tom S., Rachel , Carl and one more person I cant rememeber sang for about two hours. Stacie S was torn between playing cards and singing... maybe this week Stacie. Welcome to newcomer Jordyn M.and welcome back Tom S and Maureen C. Great to see you both. Also good to see the return of John C. Good to see you John . I almost forgot ... welcome to ur visitors from citizens Advocate. Great to see you guys.

We want to have a pancake breakfast fundraiser and Stacie S is already on board with the cooking We hope the first of June to have to event. If you want to help us out. Contact Sue L or Stacie S. We already know George C. wilbe first in line for this event!!

More next week. ........

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