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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

A quick note to remind everyone we will be serving Easter Dinner at 2 pm.  after the 1 pm AA Meeting.  So far everyone is bringing a dish to pass so there will be lots of  homemade food and lots of dessert!!  Thanks to everyone who is helping out . Of course we are serving ham but Patti H volunteered to cook a turkey breast for the non pork eaters.... .Thanks Patti.  Thanks to Char B., Sue L and Darcy F., there will be a version of  an Easter Egg Hunt .It will replace our usual pass the gift game so be a good sport and play along.  That means you card players......  

Last week Leata C treated us to a Chili and pasta salad  and there was not a drop left in the pot by the end of the day. That made clean up really easy.  = Delma W. made cornbread and that too was devoured as well as  Sue L.'s tossed  salad.  Dessert was good too. The Pie Man showed up with Angel Food cake. Whats up with that David D? Delma W. made a spice cake and we are still polishing off the Pat O. fudge. We do have an Ice Cream Crisis and we alerted Ice Cream Steve immediately. We are down to two half gallons of ice cream. Sure hope he shows for Easter at this critical stage....He told us to contact  Summer  Ice Cream Char. Stayed tuned for the outcome.  Thanks for helping clean up Lois J and David D.   Gaeton R. and Danny L sat in the card room waiting for players. Delma W. and Austin poppped in first.  When Austin had to leave David D popped in. There was a lot of noise but at the end of the day Gaeton R. and Delma W won the game. Stacey S and Curtis H  .... you will need to reclaim your title this weekend!!   Welcome back Lois J  it was great to see you back at the clubhouse and Welcome Derek . Keep coming back.  And Thank you Jon C. from Moira for donating 6 pounds of hamburg. We will put that to good in no time at all.  

April Activities are shaping up. 


The first Saturday Movie is scheduled for April 6 and will be shown right after the NA Meeting. Kenny B will lead a short discussion . Bring snacks... we will pop the corn. The first movie to kick off is Bills Story... followed Lois Remembers the following month!  After those two movies  we will show current movies with an addiction theme. If you have movie suggesstions let us know.  Lois J always comes up with a good list so now that she feels better maybe she will do it again this year. No need to signup, just show up. By the way it is also Pat O's bday April 6th. I m thining bday cake at the movies!

We have decided to hold the Pitch Tournament over a two week period. (last year it was way to long for one day) The first round will start Sunday April 14 followed by the championship games  Sunday April 21. We have six teams signed up but it's not too late if you still want to play, let us know.  By the way Darcy F. donated the prizes and they are  great!!

Al-Anon has decided to hold a Mini Day of Sharing  at the Clubhouse. We just heardthe   Speaker  is available in April Satur4day April 27th. So we ewill seeif it is a go with the Alanon groups.  We will notify everyone of the details.  Once we know that we can schedule the Pancake Fundraiser .  

We are already thinking about May activities and Dennis B. reminded Danny L that he intends to go golfing with him and Jabu and Jon S. and probably Dave H.  Guess we will have to make that an event again. It will be the  annual Danny L 's Golf Event.  Who wants to volunteer to help out?  Also, we will be holding another raffle with the items Doug D. donated to the clubhouse. There is already a lot of interest in the  grill so save your money. And If you have an activity in mind, let us know . Pat O may hold a member meeting to discuss what you want to do. Thanks Pat! Either way  tell us what your ideas. 

Don't forget about all the Meetings at the Clubhouse.  Dave H is looking for support for the Wednesday night NA mtg at 6:30 pm. We are still doing the Nig Book Reading but will take a break until Fall to resume another reading.  And remember ,we are now hybrid and offer Zoom at every mtg. People are slowly logging on that can't be at the mtg or are out of town.  If you need the log in information  call the Clubhouse Phone or stop in. It was great to see Mark M, Eddie G., Eric F, Rebecca T.  on zoom  asd well other local people at the meetings. 

Finally thanks to Kaitlyn S and Eric F. for donating their time to clean the Community Center in Massena. We always receive a donation for cleaning and it always help to have members pitch in to help. Who would like to volunteer for next month?   Each month someone steps upto help... will it be you next month? 

More next week........ 

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