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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Back on schedule with the newsletter and no marathon reporting!! You are welcome John F. Although its the summer months and the clubhouse generally slows down, activity has atually increased! So we are looking for volunteers to keep the clubhouse open a few hours before or after the meetings to start. In the fall we will increase our hours. Start thinking about when you could help out.......

This Sunday Delma W celebrates 45 years and Lois J celebrates 14yrs. at the 1 pm AA Mtg. Don S. from Rousses Point is speaking and we will serve a Spaghetti Dinner after the Mtg. Maybe Stacey S. will break out the karaoke Machine again. The following Sunday Willie M. is celebrating 13 years . Watch for details on that event. Also, Jabu has a birthday July 31.... so any reason to eat a cake we will.... Join us for the NA Mtg Saturday July 29 and cake afterward!

This past weekend we went Camping at Robert Moses Campground Site 48 right on the water . Therefore the dinner (or cookout) was held at the campsite after the 1 pm AA Meeting on Sunday July 23 . About 25 people attended and it was a good time. Fishing, swimming, sitting ,cards, seeing a ship for the first time etc.... the food was delicious. Thanks to Karen M we had plenty of salads. Sue L had a mishap and singed her hair so Gary M took over cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs Thanks Gary. And yes there was a campfire and yes we did eat s'mores and then it rained! By the way we just found out Steve form NCFH plays pitch! Yup another one ... Gaeton R and Danny L are happy about that!

The week before that Jonathan from NCFH cooked ribs that were out of this world. When we asked for the recipe he couldnt give us one . He just puts a little of this and that .... to make the sauce. Thanks Jonathan and to everyne who donated to the food fund so we could buy the ribs. It was well worth it. Also thanks to Char B and Delma W who cooked the corn and salt potatoes , Lois J who brought Macarroni salad , Sue L. the Baked beans and watermelon and Stacey S. made a great Almond Cake for NCFH Justin's bday. When we were cleaning u both rooms were full of card players. One pitch game and one Spades game. Fr. Mark stopped in and welcome back Mike C., Charlie C., Michelle P. and newcomer Cindy. Graet to see everyone. Kenny B. emptied all the garbage and someone cleaned the bathroom. Big thanks on that one

Don't forget the new Mtg on Friday @ 5pm. Rebecca T. is leading the group in the First 164 pages. Its a new approach to reading the first 164 pages that she just learned from her sponsor. We started last week and Kenny B, Mark S. and Danny L all remarked how they really enjoyed this approach. Check it out you may just learn something you thought you already knew. By the way it was great to see you Mark S. . Next time stay longer and bring Betsy R with you!!

Thanks for starting that meeting Rebecca T. Tthe last two weeks we addded three new people tot he group. We are adding a new meeting in case others cannot make Friday @5pm. That will be Mondays @ s6 pm. Bring your Big Book, hi-liter and your Sponsor! We already have a few people signed up but have plenty of room if you want to jon us.

Next week Friday August 4 at 1:30 pm we are bringing the clubhouse members to learn Pickleball at the Massena Arena. This is a free event and equipment is provided. Limited numbers so if you are interested let Delma W or Sue L know right away. Thanks for setting that up Delma. We are also looking at another camping trip in August . Working on the Alex Bay Trip ( which has had a big glitch) and hope to go to the Bill Wilson House in September/October.

Have you seen our new Brochures? Check them out at the Literature Table. Darcy F. did a fantastic job redesigning the entire pamphlet. Thanks Darcy. It seems people are still not aware we have a Soda Machine in the coat room. No more hassles about the soda or money. There is even bottled water in the machine so if you don't want to drink from our water fountain you have an option! The empties go in the garbage can next to the soda machine. Wifi is now up and running and the password can be found at the check in table. Which means we can now have the Zoom account ready if anyone wants to attend a meeting remotely. Thanks for setting that up Eric F! Scott from NCFH has been taking care of the flowers and weed wacking around the planter. Thanks Scotty. We have a few more donations to the clubhouse from the people who want to remain anonymous. Thanks Anonymous people . Also a reminder the Clubhouse phone is 315-250-7410 . Spread the word. Finally, The Womans Mtg is being revamped an will open up in the Fall. Until then there is no mtg on Wednesday @ 5pm.

September 2nd The clubouse will have been open 10years! We will definitely celebrate some time in September. It is amazing the clubhouse has survived on fundraisng, dues and donations and is operated 100 percent by volunteers . Thanks to everyone who has helped out the last ten years. People come and and go but while they are around they are on board helping out. More on that later.

More next week... earlier than Friday evening I hope.......

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