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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue LapradeThu, May 18, 11:23 AM (4 days ago) to HI Everybody, Big News We have finally signed the lease and have the keys to our new location at 84 Center St. We are setting up the Big Move for move date for next Wednesday May 24 but will start bringing some things over this weekend. If you want to help and we know you do .. call us with times you are able to help out. We do have the Half Way House guys on board to help so we are off to a good start. Every day we have packed up a little bit but now we will step up the pace. We have cleaning crew (volunteers) coming in the last week in May so we are getting organized..... We will definitely be open June 1 but it may be sooner. Last Sunday we had a successful Mothers Day Cook Out after the 1 pm AA Meeting. Thanks to Michelle P for organizing everything and to Char B for being the grill Master and Gaeton R for donating his grill for the day, and to Carl C. and Jay for helping Gaeton get the grill to the clubhouse. So many people brought food: Caitlyn S. brought all kinds of dessert, water, chips,& potato salad, Amanda K. brought fruit, Pam B. the baked beans, Sue L. the Macaroni Salad, Jim R. brought the Hamburg and buns, Sara M the hotdog buns, Danny L the hotdogs ,Kathleen M brought a green salad, and someone brought Coleslaw, and Ceasars Salad.. Delma W brought cupcakes and to our surprise Ice Cream Steve came with ... well ice cream of course. We thought he would have been on the high seas so we brought an ice cream cake for Mothers Day. Now we have lots of ice cream. Oh big big news, Char B. might become Ice Cream Char for the summer. Waiting to get confirmation on that so stay tuned. It was great to see Carl C, Barbie G., and David D. at the picnic. Welcome back. Some of the Half Way House guys were back too. Thanks to Char B., Sue L and Kenny B. who either picked them up or took them back to Canton. Great to see you guys too. Thanks for hauling out the round tables and chairs outside and picking them up before you left. Steve A, David D, and Danny L cleaned up... Yes that's right, they cleaned up and then Sue L went in for the inspection! (they did the bet they could and we are appreciative!!!) We have received two donations in the last week. Thanks to Carl#2, Char B, and Karen M who cleaned the Senior Citizens Community Center Stoves and Fryer we received a donation of $200.00 and also from and anonymous donor who we helped we received $250.00. We have lots of members who are willing to do the work to keep the clubhouse going. If you hear of any odd jobs we will work for a donation of any amount. It seems our Higher Power is working in our lives if we are wiling to do the work!! Thanks everyone who is willing to pitch in. We are hearing from people that they have been told the new clubhouse is too small and claustrophobic. That's why we are moving! We aren't sure where that rumor started but we have 2200 plus square feet. Why don't you stop in and check it out before making a judgement. If the clubhouse is not for you we are not offended but lets let the new people decide for themselves. Frenchie has gone above and beyond to make this new place top of the line. There is a large meeting room , plus an area big enough to hold a speaker meeting. two small meeting rooms/card game room, dining area separate from the mtg room, coat room kitchen with a new microwave, new stove, Industrial Coffee maker, and new water cooler. We are handicap accessible and have loads of parking. Thanks Frenchie we are all very excited ! More next week......... time permitting. By the Way has anyone seen John F.!! Its almost moving time..........

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