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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Hope everyone is positive and full of gratitude despite the rain that just goes on and on and on.... that was last week ..I'm just a little behind the eight ball cleaning, purging, boxing and organizing the move. Along with a lot of others who have helped and will help. We are so grateful so many people volunteered to help us move ,along with a few outside organizations .Let's hope it all comes together in the next few days. So as you can surmise we are in limbo this week. We may move and we may have to wait another week. We are all anxious to move..... especially since we had a big crowd this past Sunday. May 14 Sunday is Mothers Day and a Cookout has been planned. We have the hamburger, hotdogs and rolls covered and some volunteered to bring a salad. Please bring a dish to pass if you can. Contact Michelle P ., Heidi A., or Sue L if you need a suggestions. We are trying to keep it simple until we move so if you have suggestions let us know. Last week we hauled three truck loads and one u-haul of stuff to the dump. A big thanks to Eric F., Delma W., Michelle P., Pat, Amanda, and Caitlyn S. who all helped empty the attic and basement. It was a tremendous amount of work so thanks for sticking with it. With that out of the way we have begun packing. Carol H has already boxed up the Al-anon Material , Pam B. is going to box up the bathroom supplies and Karen M is supervising the kitchen packing. So we are off to a good start this week. If you want to help can. Just stop in any day and we will put you to work. Once the packing and moving is complete , the cleaners will start and those people are already lined up. Others who have helped include ,Thomas K who carried down 15 bins from the attic and Willie M finished cleaning out the store room. Also, Sara M, Rob, Tina , and a few other NA members carried down bags of clothing from the attic. We are so grateful so many people are helping , it is a huge job to move an entire house. We have had multiple Sunday dinners thanks to Heidi A. One week she made a fantastic potato soup. It was so good everyone brought home a container. Thanks to Ice cream Steve we had dessert that week. The next week we had Pork, Mac & Cheese Green Bean Casserole, Turkey meatballs, garlic bread, and Ceasars salad, and Lois J.'s Pea Soup. Delma W. brought two dozen Crispy Creme doughnuts, Becki B brought cookies and we had Ice Cream . The food was all gone that week. Jim R donated the pork and of course you know where the ice cream came from... thanks Ice Cream Steve. By the way Ice Cream Steve is still looking for a replacement Ice Cream person this summer. He is even wiling to surrender his title until the Fall. Consider taking the job, Its a great tittle!! Yesterday Heidi made another beef and vegetable soup & tuna sandwiches. Danny L boiled the eggs and Delma W made the egg salad sandwiches. Yes Danny L can boil eggs so now we know he can contribute to the meals. Delma W also brought in bags of chips and Willie M was there with his awesome Salad. Lois J brought a salad too. Homemade Cookie Pat made Brookies for dessert that were gone in a flash and we also had cinnamon rolls. And yes we had ice cream. That was just what we ate the last three Sundays.... This past Sunday the Half Way House members stopped in for a meeting and to eat with us. Thanks to Willie M , their Chauffer. Many seemed to enjoy themselves and even volunteered to help us move if they gain permission to do so. After all the activity the card game started. There was a fierce card game with Gaeton R., Danny L, Delma W and Sue L. Sue and Delma just couldn't get it together and Gaeton and Danny won.. We suggested Willie M teach the the men at the Half House to play pitch. We could really get some games going then. The Week before, Stacey S had Sunday off and she was anxious to play cards. She paired up with Gaeton R, and Sue L and Eric F played with them. At another table Karen M & Danny L played against Pam B and Char B. .The winners from each team played and I have no idea who won. Three weeks ago Gaeton and Danny mad a lot of calls and could not a get a game going. We are happy to report they they did survive the disappointment!! A lot of people have helped clean up after the dinners. Carl, Lois J, Heidi A, Sylvie M, Karen M., Char B, Delma W. ,Eric F., Pam B., and others I am sure. Sara M continues to be our garbage person. Now if we can remember to put out the garbage on Wednesday nights. Thanks Everyone. It is so much easier when everyone chips in to help. Three weeks ago six of us travelled to PA for an AA Woman's Workshop on Spirituality. Its was well worth the trip and we returned with lots of info to share. We went to sessions on Journaling, Centering, Mindfulness, Sponsorship etc. Sara M spoke at the Opening session and wowed everyone with the O Great Spirit Prayer. Thanks for representing us Sara M. . and a big thanks to Doreen T. for putting us up at her house, feeding us breakfast and to Kathy L. for making dinner Saturday night. Fellowship in the Program anywhere you go .. what a blessing. The trip home was interesting Karen M and Char B. obsessed on Dollar General Store sales and the other car with Sara M obsessed on Starbucks .... Sue L did not obsess that day. Other news... Jim R is rebounding quickly from a heart attack and stent. Glad to see you feeling so good Jim. Willie M was in the hospital with pneumonia but is out and doing well. Danny L paid a visit to the ER with heart and breathing issues and he too is out and doing ok. Kenny B also paid a visit to the ER and was released and is doing better. Gaeton R. thankfully looks and feels good! It has been a rough month for some of our old timers but they Keep Coming back ! We received a donation from Cathy B in memory of an Al-Anon member who passed away in December. Thank-you Cathy. Sara M and one of her Sponsees are working toward bringing a Woman's AA Meeting to the Jail Canton. Right now they are in the paperwork process so it will be a while yet. Thanks Sara M.. By the way we are planning a camping trip just no details yet! Tom S. announced an new AA Meeting at Rose Hill and is looking for support. Monday nights at 7pm. Check it out. Its great to see so many people returning to the Clubhouse. More next week. ..... if I can find the time., ReplyForward

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