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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place 9/21/2022

Sue Laprade1:22 PM (6 hours ago) to

Hi Everyone, Well I already missed a week in the promised weekly updates! Nevertheless, I will try to make it brief ! No need to sit down John F. We are slowly recovering from the pandemic and are happy to report that activity is picking up at the clubhouse. Thanks to a dedicated group of people we are adding more and more activities. This Sunday September 25 Pam B. volunteered to make Stuffed Shells for dinner after the 1 pm AA meeting. Anyone want to bring the rolls or salad? Of course we are still waiting on Ice Cream Steve. It won't be long now now but in the meantime Sue L volunteered to make apple crisp for dessert. Thanks for volunteering Pam. Naturally the card games have resumed now that the weather is turning cooler. Gaeton R. and Danny L are sitting at the table minutes after we are done with dinner! Hope to see many of you this Sunday Also on Saturday September 26 Saturday Movies have resumed. We start at 2 pm , bring snack if you can , water is provided and soda and bottled water costs 50 cents. Popcorn is free!! We will be showing What we Lost in the Fire. A movie that focuses on co-dependency and addiction. Because these movies are so thought provoking we always follow up with a short informal discussion AA, NA and Al-Anon members participate and it is interesting to hear viewpoints from such a diverse group. Check it out this Saturday.. you might enjoy it . Last week so many people had something to come up we had to postpone the Morse Code Bracelet making until today Wednesday September 21. So that meant the Tapping Class was postponed until next Wednesday September 28. Big Thanks to Darcy F. and Brian M. for being so flexible. We are finalizing a date for Crafts with Char B and Carol H. and are waiting to hear back about a Narcan Training date. We have a couple of fundraisers planned, Drive By BBQ and a Garage Sale which we hope to hold the first week in October. We are looking for volunteers for this huge undertaking . It is essential to keep raising money for operational expenses as the Pandemic had an impact on our finances. So on that note... donations are always accepted and appreciated. Last week Delma W. provided the Sunday dinner. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup. For some reason Grilled cheese is a crowd favorite and was a huge hit on a cold rainy day. Thanks Delma .Thanks to Heather A and Josh S. for cleaning up the kitchen and taking out the garbage after dinner. Much appreciated. Gaeton R., Danny L., Delma W. ,and Sue L. stayed later to play cards . Sue & Gaeton emerged victorious much to the dismay of Delma and Danny . The Week before we were camping and Sue L served Spaghetti for dinner. Thanks for the bday cake Peggy W. . Stacy S. popped out after work to enjoy the campfire along with Willie M, Sara M., Mike R., Heather A., Josh S. ,Char B. and Carol H. The next day Heather A. surprised us with a chicken and broccoli dinner and Willie M supplied the Italian bread. It was delicious Delma W. and Karen M popped in after pickleball for a bite to eat and to sit by the fire. Too bad they had to leave early due to pickleball aches and pains!!! Finally thank you to Bob V. who donated all kinds of soda and water to to the Clubhouse and to Delma W for transporting such a generous donation. Don't forget Meetings are being held at the clubhouse every day. We are trying to get he word out . Please spread the word. More next week

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