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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Its true... Spring is no longer around the corner, Its here! That means Spring cleaning at the Clubhouse. Especially this year. We need volunteers !!

Last week we delivered two car loads of clothing for free distribution . This week we have arranged for someone to pick up the rest of the clothing and everything in the store plus all of the Christmas decorations to distribute to families. This is just the beginning. On to Step 3 ..... the Craft supplies. For all you crafters out there, we will be setting up most of the craft supplies for anyone who wants them If you want to make a small donation for whatever you take... feel free but it is not required. Thanks to Michelle P. and Sue L. who hauled everything downstairs and to Sara M, Thomas K, and Tina C. who did the hard part and carried all the Christmas decorations down from the attic! Thanks . It is hard work so we are looking for a new crew this week to help out. All we need is an hour and half of your time whenever you are available ..... I'm sure we can get John F. (all the way from Maine) So who to wants to work with John? Update: 60 percent of the way cleaned out. Please help us get over the finish line. Thomas K brought down 15 boxes from the attic but there is more to carry down. Then we need people to go through the boxes because we have people lined up to take the stuff away. Thanks Thomas.

This Sunday many of us are travelling to Pennsylvania for the Woman's Retreat. The dinner will go on though. Thanks to Heidi A. She is cooking potato/corn soup and chicken salad sandwiches. All we need now is dessert, including ice cream .Thanks Heidi A. Maybe we can bring up the chairs and set up the tables for people t