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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone , 

Ice Storm yesterday warm weather today.... adapting to change may be the lesson.  It does looks like a nice sunny day for Easter this Sunday.   So later in the day on Easter , there will be a 1 pm AA Meeting a followed by an Easter Dinner at 2 pm.  Please bring a side dish to pass or a dessert.  If you would rather donate a few bucks toward the meal , you can do that as well. We did hear the Easter Bunny will be arriving at some point in the day and Tina C. is beside herself over it.  Yes there will be an Easter Egg hunt if you wish to participate . Three of the eggs hidden contain more than jelly beans !! Just in case Angie D is around we will hide the eggs at the last second .  She eyeballs most of them within minutes!!  Char B.surprised us and purchased all the decorative table cloths and napkins for the day and Karen M supplied beverages and and candy for our members. Thanks Char and Karen. and the Anonymous Easter Bunny .  Hope to see many of you there. Look for the ad on our FB page. Darcy F. does fantastic work Thanks Darcy.

As many of you are now aware, we are moving the clubhouse to a larger facility with better parking.  Visit our FB page or website to see pictures of the facility. We have  begun cleaning out the current  clubhouse but  have a long way to go.  Tina C. and Lois J started packing and sorting the clothes. On Tuesday we delivered twenty bags of clothes to the Baptist Church for their semi annual clothing give away. Thank you to Tina C and  Newcomer Tom for  hauling the bags downstairs, packing up the car and and delivering to the Church. It was an enormous task and the first Step ... now on to Step two... the  Christmas Stuff. If anyone is interested in picking up some decorations let Sue L. know... there are boxes and boxes of decorations. Step three we will tackle the craft supplies .  Also, thank-you to everyone who volunteered to pay dues . We have added even more members to the list since last month.  All of this makes it possible to move to a larger location. 

Last week the Clubhouse took on cleaning Crew Status. On Thursday Sue L., Char B., and Stacie S. finished cleaning the Episcopal Church Social Hall and kitchen and we were treated to some fantastic cookies when we were done. We were happy to help.  A day later we were asked to clean the Methodist Church and recruited members of the Saturday NA Mtg. to help  us out. Thanks to Tina C., Tom, Kara L., Stacie S., Jaimie, Sarah M., and Char B., and Karen M..  It took us exactly one hour and fifteen minutes because we had so many people helping. We have been asked to come back once a month and in return will receive a donation for the clubhouse.  Of course we said yes we have a new clubhouse to pay for !!  Thanks to all the people who said they were willing to help on a monthly basis.   In addition to all of that cleaning. Newcomer Missy volunteered to sweep and pick up all of the cigarette butts outside. It was a big task . Thank you Missy.  Finally Sara M.continues to be the Garbage Lady! Every Wednesday  Sara makes sure the garbage is taken out for pick up . Thanks Sara... maybe there is a better title for this task! 

Naturally Sunday dinners press on with lots of help.  Last week we enjoyed ham ,scalloped potatoes , coleslaw, corn, deviled eggs  and garlic bread. Thanks Karen M. ,Lois J, and Heidi A.  Someone did bring Girl Scout cookies  to go with the ice cream but we still don't know who. Thanks for the dessert whoever you are and of course Ice Cream Steve. Now that we moved the card players into a different room people are actually hanging out and enjoying the clubhouse.  Someone put on a movie and others just hung around.  Thanks  for washing the dishes Lois J and Josh S.  Welcome back Willie M and Kenny B  great to see both of you.  It didn't take long to get Willie M back playing cards with you guessed it... Gaeton R., Danny L, and Char B.,  Once Willie left Sue L actually got to sit in a play a few hands!  Hope you are feeling better Karen M and Pam B.   The card table missed you!   The week before Sue L.  cooked a  Chicken, salad, brown rice and corn and bean casserole dinner.  Delma W. made a delicious cake  to go along with the ice cream.  Thanks Delma and Ice cream Steve.  that week there two card tables going.  Mainstays Danny L. Gaeton R. along with Carol H, Pam B., Char B., Karen M, Delma W  and Sue L.  all played a few games.  Someone cleaned up the kitchen but can't remember who.  Thanks!!

Eric F. worked out the bugs and our Zoom Account is all set up and ready to use for people who cannot attend meetings in person.  There are directions on the check in table for you to take if you are interested in this option.  Thanks Eric. When we are in the new location, one  TV will be set up in the Meeting room specifically for this purpose. 

A final word...  Acceptance is the Key to Harmony...........  especially in the Clubhouse.  

More Next week..... 

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