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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Another two weeks flew by .... how does this happen so fast? Lots coming up this weekend , John F. ... it's time.......focus

This Sunday Danny L will celebrate 22 years at the 1 pm AA Meeting this Sunday March 12. Kenny B will speak and then lunch will be served immediately following the meeting. Stuffed shells, salad , rolls plus whatever people bring for a dish to pass is on the menu! Of course there will be a cake and ice cream from none other than Ice Cream Steve. We have heard from a few people we haven't seen in a long time are planning on coming. Stop in , it would be great to see you.

Right after the dinner the Pitch Tournament begins. There are six teams and each team will play five games . The team with the most wins, ... Wins the secret prize! We split up Danny and Gaeton so now Gaeton wants to have some practice games... Likely story, he and Danny just want to play cards! You can track their progress on the boards at the Clubhouse. We have some new players Justin, Curtis, Stacey, & Kara... who might just surprise us all. I guess we will find out Sunday.

The Saturday Movies continue after the Noon NA Meeting. Last week there was no meeting because of the snow storm but the week before we had a nice crowd watch A Beautiful Boy. Stacy S. made a Taco dinner after the meeting and before the Movie .. yes eating again! Thanks Sara M for staying on top of the Movie Day. This Saturday we will resume with Movie Day on Saturday .By the way, thanks to Tia and Rob for shoveling the parking lot on Saturday.

Last Sunday Pam B. brought in Pizza for dinner after the 1 pm Sunday Meeting. And then Karen M showed up with baked ziti, salad and lots of desserts and Michelle P made a 15 bean soup and Lois J brought meatloaf and Jim R brought Ceasar's Salad. So much food and so little left. Ice Cream Steve is also bringing us lots of to go containers which we are using up every week for our meal deliveries. Thanks Steve. Pam B , Gaeton R., Danny L , & Karen M all sat down to play cards and just around 4 pm in comes Char B and shortly after she was at he table. Sometime later David D popped into say hi . It was a busy day. Pam B fell on the snow in the parking lot and when Sue L ran out to help her she hollered" I saved the pizza" Whew ! Glad you are ok Pam. Thanks for the final kitchen cleanup Char B and Karen M.

Two Sundays ago, Mark S surprised us when he walked through the doors all the way from Florida. ( Next time bring Betsy R. ) We were even more surprised when he stayed to play cards after the meeting and dinner. Thanks to Jim R we had a Lazagna Dinner. Sue L brought the Ceasars Salad and Eric F made homemade bread. Of course we had lots of ice cream( thanks Steve ), Karen M. brought cupcakes and Tina C. brought a variety of desserts. Lois J and Josh S. helped clean up the kitchen again along with Josh S, and Sara M made sure the garbage went out! Just about the time Carol H and Mark S called it a day, Char B and Karen M popped in to play cards. So the games are going longer than usual . So stop in later in the day if you can. Don't forget about the Woman's Day of Sharing on March 22 in Kutztown PA. We are signing people up to go so its not too late if you want o come along with us. We will discuss logistics once we know how many people are going. Also, Lois J. want a craft day so we are calling on Char B and Carol H to help us out. We also had planned on an Appreciation Day March 18 but due some conflicts we will reschedule that for April along with Shattering the Stigma II Speaker Series we are currently working on. We are hoping as we inch closer to Spring more people will return from hibernation. We have had lots of activity but the end of February seemed to wear people down. Welcome to newcomer Jonathan. Also in April we are going to try and keep the clubhouse open more often during the week. Any volunteers for once a week? More next week...

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