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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone, 

I know its been a while lots to report again...... Take  your seat John F....  lots to absorb !  We have been very busy at the Clubhouse and we are trying to adjust to the pace after the pandemic slow down and it seems much harder to get going!!  The good news is that many people are helping out.... especially those with a Sponsor.  There could be a connection , what do you think? 

First things first... This Sunday February 12 is Superbowl Sunday and the Clubhouse will be open all day through the game.  Please bring a snack to pass if you are able. Sara M has donated a turkey and dressing and Michelle P will peel the potatoes that Sue L will cook . Some people talked about bringing pizza , nachos, etc.  Nothing has been finalized so bring what you want. Eat all that you want because we will put the scales away just for today ! Join us to watch the game or the commercials or to play cards. Not to worry,   will put the card players in their own room  for all those concerned. They may peek their heads out for a snack or two but otherwise we will keep them in a room to themselves!!  They probably won't mind either !!!!!! Hope to see many of you stop in at the Clubhouse for a Sober Superbowl Sunday. It is always a good time.  

Earlier in the day we will serve a meal after the 1 pm AA Mtg. Not sure yet what we are serving yet  but we always have a meal come together at the last minute.  People straggle in all day long to day to eat a meal, play cards, play a game  ( thanks to Lois J). There  is always something going on.  If you want , you could help us clean up after the meal, just let us know and the job is yours.  We will even mention you in the newsletter the following week... bonus!

On  Saturday February 11  after the Non NA Mtg. we will be showing the Movie Flight at 2 pm. We will fire up the popcorn machine but if you want to bring a snack, please do  A short informal discussion will follow.  No need to sign up, just show up.  For those of you who are new to the Clubhouse talk to the old timers. It was one of the more popular activities we had during the winter months.   Lois J is already on the hut for movies we can watch. 

Last Sunday after the 1 pm AA meeting  Jim R made a huge pot of Chili and it was gone in les than an hour. Thanks Jim it was delicious.  Sue L made the corn bread and Karen M brought all kinds of side dishes and cookies and so did Lois J.  We had lots of ice cream thanks to Ice cream Steve.   Carl helped clean the kitchen, Sara M once again took care of the garbage, Lois J made all kinds of crafts and yes.. The card players managed to set up their own table . Way to go Gaeton R and Danny L .  Karen M  recruited newcomer Kara L  to the Pitch table and it didn't take long for her to catch on.  Sue L made the weekly food run to people who can't get out and took people home who had to walk.  Finally at the end of the day she got to play a few hands of pitch!   The week before we had hot meatball subs  thanks to Jim R. . Sue L brought the  sauce and Karen M. supplied us with lots of side dishes again and the rolls.  Willie M was back with his awesome salad too.  And, don't forget Ice cream Steve was on hand with the Ice Cream.   That week Delma W, Char B, Karen M.  and you guessed it... Gaeton R and Danny L played cards. Lois was making hats for all the woman and Josh S. and Carl cleaned up the kitchen.  Welcome to newcomers Carl, Neil, Tom, Gary and welcome backPat and Justin. 

The  week before  we celebrated Sara M 28th Anniversary . Gaeton R spoke and after the meetings the newcomers were discussing how much they learned from '" the old guy"  It was great and that's why we need more old timers around.   Karen M made a huge breakfast that people are still talking about.  Sue and Danny L provided the food and Karen did the cooking.  Pancakes, waffles(with ice cream) , scrambled eggs, toast bacon, and sausage, orange juice etc It as a real feast and almost everyone went back for seconds.  There was no food left behind that day!  Tina C made a a very thoughtful celebration cake that was vey good. There were cards games, a movie and lots of activity.  Nice to see you Mike C.  Nick L, Josh S and Carl again cleaned up the kitchen. Thanks 

Other news:  Again thanks to the many shovelers helping us out this year.  Rob. Jos, Lois J. Sue L Char B., Kara L., and probably some more I don't know about.  It is mush appreciated.  We received a donation form Becki B. and Anne M and George M donated all kinds of bedding and blankets.  We had just run out of those items due to the recent influx of newcomers. Adam and Darcy F. donated much needed to go containers. Tina C and Kara L spent an afternoon cleaning the clubhouse.  Thank you to everyone 

I almost forgot. We are again sponsoring a Pitch Tournament the end of February  . We already have lots of people signed up so if you want in let us know. Details to follow next week.  We are also planning an Appreciation Event for al of the clubhouse members who have been volunteering their time to keep the clubhouse open, clean and free of snow!   Plans are being finalized on both of these events.  We have also been invited to a Woman's Day of Sharing in Pennsylvania.  Registration fee is 20. and we have some accommodations lined up. If you want to know  more about this event look for the details at the sign in table or talk to Sue L who is coordinating  the trip. What a great opportunity for us. 

Sad to report there no longer is a water and soda donation can on Sundays. because someone is stealing the money. If you take a water or soda please give the money to Sue L.  this is not a fundraiser but helps to keep the water and soda stocked for everyone.  Also in the next few days we will be passing out copies of Basic Clubhouse Rules. If you don't get one let us know . We want everyone to be informed.  

 Finally condolences to Doug K who lost his mother recently . Services are at 11:00 am on this Thursday February 9 at the Sacred heart church.  Glad you are feeling better Steve A and Danny L.   Hope I didn't miss anyone else... if I did hope you are feeling better as well . 

More next week 

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