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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone

As usual a little late getting out the update. We have a lot to report but but first things first. You are not alone this holiday season. The doors will be open at noon on both days so make plans now to drop in and eat or just hang out with fellow members. If you need a ride give us a call. 315-250-7410

This Saturday December 24 Christmas Eve Dinner will be served at 5 pm. At the clubhouse We are serving lasagna and salad and rolls and of course lots of desserts . Please bring a dish to pass if you are able. Michelle P has organized the Becki B game and we are sure Char B will be the MC. If you can , let us know ahead of time if you plan on attending. Hope to see many of you there.

Then on Sunday December 25 Christmas Day we are serving dinner at 2 pm. after the 1 pm AA meeting. Again Michelle P has organized a game, there will be card games, a movie, and other activities going on.

We have had big crowds and great dinners at the clubhouse the last few weeks. Thanks to Char B., Heidi A. and Karen M. for all the cooking. Char B made a fantastic baked Ziti ,Heidi A. made stuffed garlic bread , Willie M made the salad and Lois J brought a pasta dish. As always Stacey S. made a cake and Ice Cream Steve brought ... the ice cream. Thanks to our kitchen cleaners Tina C and Tim . while the others hung around, played cards ( without Gaeton R.) and Lois J brought crafts and pretty soon people were making ornaments. Along with all the conversations going on indoors and outdoors , its hard was to keep track who did what. The next week Karen M made the entire dinner of lasagna, baked ziti and macaroni & cheese, along with fruit cups and Heid A.'s garlic bread . I think that should be Heidi's new nickname. Garlic Bread Heidi . Anyway, Stacy S brought another fantastic dessert and Arlene B. dropped off a platter of cookies devoured in a nanosecond and Delma W brought her cookies that are always a fan favorite. Oh and Karen M also brought fudge and sugar cookies So much sugar and well.... so good . Karen M is becoming the third card game player to hang around. She was heard saying she had to come back this weekend because she was on a winning streak! Welcome back to Gaeton R. glad he is feeling better and back at the cad table. Welcome to visiting Tom W and newcomers Elaini , Devin and Tara. Keep Coming back . We also hope Ice Cream Steve is feeling better but if not David D is sure to bring you a few dinners from the Clubhouse. Right David? We have found some shovelers. Fr Mark shoveled the first snow fall and promptly sat down to play cards afterwards! Sue L and Delma W shoveled the second snow fall twice. The third time the snow fell off the roof and covered the steps and Delma W shoveled by herself . Who wants to volunteer for this weekend? If you are counting steps ... you will rack up the steps quickly!! We have received wonderful donations from the community. Thankyou Gloria H for the $100.00 and to St. John's Episcopal Church for the loads of gifts delivered earlier in the week along with another 100.00 donation . We are so grateful and blessed to receive support from our community. Thank-you. Holiday Greetings to all of our readers. More next week......

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