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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

December is moving along quickly and we are finally catching up. Lois J and Michelle P decorated the clubhouse last week. Check out the the Mitten Christmas Tree. They did a great job decorating and making all of the mittens. The idea is to grab a mitten and donate whatever is written on that mitten. It helps cut down operational expenses at the clubhouse so do what you can to help us out. We have already received our first donation and some have already picked up a mitten. Lets see if we can empty the tree and fill up the table.!!~ Now all we have to do is wait for John F to return and decorate the outside. Maybe he can bring a few evergreen branches to spruce up the decorations ......

This Sunday December 11 ,after the 1 pm AA Meeting we will serve Ziti. Thanks to Char B. who made the dinner this week. Heidi A is making stuffed garlic bread and Sue L will bring Ceasars Salad. Stacy has already volunteered to bring dessert .. its always a surprise and everyone else can bring a dish to pass if they can. We already know the card players will convene but this week Lois J is bringing other games so hopefully some of you can stay and play a game or two. We are also working n getting the TV connected for the football fans. Right Cuza G. ? Hope to see everyone Sunday ..

Last Sunday we had an excellent meal after the 1 pm AA Meeting. Heidi A outdid herself with a Taco Pasta Bake. It was so good there was nothing left over at the end of the day. We also received a pork dinner and dessert donation from Karen M . And of course Willie M made his famous salad and our go to dessert person Stacey made pineapple upside down cake. And Ice Cream Steve has returned with the ice cream. Glad you are feeling better Ice Cream Steve. We had a big crowd and so we have decided to keep the banquet tables up instead of the round tables. That way Darcy & Adam F can sit at the table instead of on the stairs! there was a card game with Char B, Danny L, Pam B and Sue L finally sat down and played in place of Gaeton R. Lets hope Gaeton is back soon. Hope you are feeling better Heather A.

John B set up a Wifi QR code for the Clubhouse. You can find it on the bulletin board . Thanks John B. Have you seen the new schedule Darcy F. put together. Its great. If you haven't seen it checkout our Facebook page or Website. We have also printed copies and they can be found a the sign in table. Thank-you Darcy F. Don't forget to sign up for smile amazon that we mentioned last week. Directions are on our Facebook page and Website. Also, copies of the directions are at the clubhouse if that is easier.

Lois J is interested in setting up craft days on Saturdays. Is anyone interested? We hope Lori, she is loads of fun at any craft we do. Maybe we can even get Pam B to access her girl scout self and make a few crafts with us. We are also going to set up movie day on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years. Of course after all of these events we will surely have a cleaning day. All of this is in the works just not finalized

So events to plan for: Christmas Eve Dinner on ... Christmas Eve! We are serving Lazagna

Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day We are serving Turkey and Ham

New Years Eve: Jim R celebrates 51 years . Jim has a menu in mind so stay tuned.

New Years Day Dinner - there will be food!!! Just haven't planned it yet

The Clubhouse will stay open on all of these days so stop in anytime for dinner or just to hang out. Every day new people are stopping in the clubhouse so we encourage Old timers to stop in to spend time with some of the newer members.

More next week ....... check out our new schedule

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