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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue Laprade: Hi Everybody, I hope everyone had a good week despite the snow forecast for the next week... John F may have skipped town in search of warmer weather. I think Gaeton R and Danny L wanted to go with him but .... well they just can't give up the Sunday card games and Delma W won't give up pickle ball. And none of them are able to shovel .., so we are looking for a volunteer to shovel the front steps for the winter months. Any takers? This Sunday November 20 Jackie and Al H. are celebrating their anniversaries at the Sunday 1 pm AA Mtg. Jackie has 40 years and Al is right behind her with 39 years. Congrats to both. Heidi A volunteered to make the dinner and she had decided on macarroni and cheese. Willie M is making his famous salad, Sue L is bringing the rolls and Stacey S is making the cake. As an added bonus Karen M dropped off all kinds of food for us to serve on Sunday as well.. there is a little of everything potatoes, turkey, stuffing, cabbage roll casserole , noodles Bring your appetites we have to clean out the fridge for Thanksgiving Dinner! Bring a container for take outs too. Hope to see everyone there to support Al and Jackie. Thanks for ordering the coins Kenny B. Thanksgiving Day Dinner starts at 2pm. Thursday November . We are still trying to finalize numbers so until further notice we will be eating at the Clubhouse . If you would like to attend please let Sue L know right away. We want to make sure everyone has enough turkey!! We have been blessed with several donations. Darcy F.'s Mother donated two turkeys, Grace B. is making an apple pie and pumpkin pie, and we received cash donations to help defray expenses . Thank-you to the two anonymous donors and Stephanie G., Debra B., and Jenifer D. for their contributions . The money will certainly come in handy for the holiday dinners the next two months (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve and Day) We appreciate your generosity. We also want to thank the members who have volunteered to bring a dish to the dinner. Many hands light work makes the day enjoyable for everyone. Of course there will be card games, a movie and whatever else anyone wants to do ! Plus the return of Becki B's game Last Saturday a group of us helped the St. John's Church Members clean the church. Char B, Jen, Andrew, Eric F., Sue L., Sara M, Tina , and Willie M went to town cleaning. Go figure all the people who like to clean showed up!! Jenn was a machine on the alter, Eric and Char were bananas cleaning the back of the church and the rest of us cleaned pews, walls, and doorways and vacuumed. Thanks for al the hard work and thanks to St Johns Church for the opportunity to pay it f