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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Three weeks of news... sit down John F. , lots to share....... Newsflash: We decided to go camping at the last minute.. Camping this Weekend at Babbling Brook site 9. Join us Saturday and Sunday night for cookouts campfires, and card games. Saturday night there is a band in celebration of the 4th . If you want to pitch a tent , call Danny or Sue and if you can bring a dish to pass. If you need a ride call us! Our next camping trips are scheduled for Coles Creek July 17-20 and Robert Moses July 31- Aug 3. Details to follow as we get closer to the dates. Also will be organizing a camping excursion for the Jim Brady picnic. Last week we held the garage sale and made $400.00. It is always a lot of work and thankfully this year we had some new volunteers. On Tuesday Eric F. began organizing just the clothing and had to recruit Delma W., Ruthann R. , Michelle P. ,Heather A., Sue L. , and Lois J to help with the mountains of clothing (some with tags) that had been donated. We set up the clothing in all three rooms of the clubhouse and still had overflow. And we sold tons and tons of clothing. The remainder of the clothes were donated to the Baptist Church for their Fall giveaway. Thanks for organizing that Lois J. Also helping sell at the garage sale were Char B., Pam B, Delma W., Michelle P., Sue L and Heather A. . Delma W. Char B and Sue L picked up the left over garage sale items Saturday night. David D. helped us carry in furniture and we sold it twenty minutes later! On Sunday Lois J was at it again organizing the clothing to giveaway, keep and put at the road. We finished up right before the 1 pm. meeting. Thanks to all the volunteers. It is a lot of hard work especially on hot days. Also thanks to all of our members and friends who donated items to the clubhouse . Anyway, we are all glad it is over. The next day we had a nice surprise when St. Marys Church donated cold salads and dessert for our lunch after the 1 pm AA meeting. Thanks Pam B. and Sylvie M. for making that happen. Then Char B. made pancakes and brought real maple syrup, Delma W brought cold cuts and we had an instant brunch . Unbelievably, we had a small crowd and still most of the food was gone by the end of the meal. Thanks everybody. By the way, Colin M made a great salad that was devoured instantly. Thanks Colin, feel free to bring that salad to any meal. Last Saturday we held a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser and made 200.00 after expenses. Thanks to Char B and Pam B. who cooked all the food. Michelle P. for helping to set up the rooms, and Heather A. for helping clean up. Sara M was our greeter and really made people feel welcome. Also thanks to everyone who either donated bottles or money. the Speakers were excellent. Thanks Conor L and Mike P. Thank-you both for making the trip to Massena In fact, people asked us to set up Speaker Meetings once a month they enjoyed these speakers so much. we will do that in the Fall. . It was also nice to nice to see some familiar faces. Welcome Albert , Pat, George, Alexis.. and a few more I probably forgot! The next day Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful picnic with St Johns Episcopal Church parishioners. Sue L. brought everyone to the wrong location so we were late getting to the actual Picnic Area and missed a lot of the activity!! However ,the food was great and the icebreaker was a lot of fun. About 15 people attended from the clubhouse and everyone mentioned what a nice time they had. Even Gaeton R. showed up to play cards which they did for one game but it was too windy. Finally a big thankyou to Darcy F. who worked with Sue L to submit a grant proposal for the Clubhouse. Thanks to Darcy we were able to submit a professional proposal event though it was last minute .. we had 90 minutes to spare before the deadline. Fingers crossed ! Ice Cream Steve.... where are you on the high seas........can't wait until the Fall More next week...

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