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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Well it has been another two weeks and I am just getting around to the newsletter Maybe a Time Management Refresher is in order! This Sunday May 29 there will not be a Sunday Dinner after the 1 pm AA Mtg. We will have a Memorial Day Picnic on Monday at 2pm . There is a fifty percent chance of rain so we will meet at the Clubhouse and weather permitting may go to the Beach. Bring a dish to pass if you can. Hope to see everyone there.

We have also scheduled a Pancake Breakfast on June 18th as our next Fundraiser. We are calling it the Lois J Fundraiser as she gave us the idea to collect cans and bottles but if you don't have any we will accept donations ! Karen M. has volunteered to help us cook so we are already off to a good start ! There will be seating inside, outside, and take out options. At noon we have lined up two speakers: Mike P and Connor L. who will share their stories. Hope you can come out and support our fundraiser and speakers. Don't forget, St John's Episcopal Church has invited the Clubhouse to a Picnic on Fathers Day.(June 19) It will be held at Barnhardt Beach Pavillion and they are asking if we can bring a dish to pass for those that are able. Sue L will be collecting names of people who would like to go so contact her if you are interested.

Mike P and Sara M are trying to line up a Pontoon Boat Adventure on the St. Lawrence and there is also an interest in returning to Alexandria Bay for a Boat ride. The last one was ... not so good . As soon as we left the dock it poured the entire boat ride and then we couldn't find a picnic spot .... and so on. Save your money and watch for details. As always if people don't have enough money we find a way to help out. Cook out, sit by the fire and even camp if they want. A flyer will circulate for all of the June activities sometime in the next week . Watch for it in your email.

Last week Karen M donated a ton of food for our Sunday Meal. We had pulled pork, baked beans, salad, meatballs, watermelon, oranges and grapes and ... ice cream from Ice Cream Steve of course. It was a nice crowd and just enough food to go around and deliver take outs thanks Karen everyone really enjoyed it. At the last minute in walks Gaeton R for a card game so Char B. , Delma W , Willie M., and Danny L. all volunteered to play!. Eric F was there and promises to play cards with us this Sunday. Another recruit in the making !! Welcome Colin, nice to see you at the dinner. The week before Sue L coordinated a sub meal and several people donated food. There was a smaller crowd nd we still managed to eat about five pounds of meat!!

Please remember that the clubhouse is intended to be a safe environment for people trying to stay sober. Sometime issues arise that can create chaos and we try our bet to rise above the noise . If you have concerns or questions please call the clubhouse phone.

Have a great Holiday Weekend

More next week


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