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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Hope everyone has recovered from the snow on Wednesday.... Are you sure you want to go sailing Ice Cream Steve? We can barely think about planning the Memorial Weekend Camping trip.. Last year it was so cold Char B. had to put a heater in her tent! This Sunday May 1st, Pam B. and Char B. are planning the dinner after the 1 pm AA Meeting. Please bring a dish to pass if you can or throw a buck or two our way to help defray expenses. If you can't no problem. Call Sue L if you need ideas for the Dish to Pass. Delma W. has already volunteered to make dessert and we are giving Willie M a break on his awesome salad . We are also going to try and show the Movie : The Way Back starring Ben Affleck again. Hopefully Kenny B. will lead us in discussion after the movie. We promise to get the popcorn machine going Kenny!! We will put the card players in the Meeting room and close the doors.... Gaeton R. and Danny L won't even notice! Last Sunday Dinner was great. Thanks for making Potato Soup Delma W. We finished the left over ham and baked beans and had Ceaser Salad and Coleslaw and Chips to round out the dinner. We put out the 7 half gallons of ice cream along with the lemon and ginger snaps cookies. People really seemed to like the lemon snap cookies so if you need an idea for this week.... its a winner. Thanks Heather and Michelle P for cleaning up the kitchen. Also thanks to David D. for picking up the trash in the parking every week. The card games started when Gaeton R. had to leave for ten minute. After half an hour we started without him and decided he needs a watch! Welcome back Justin and Pam B. Its always nice to see people returning to the Clubhouse. After much discussion, we have decided to hold a Pancake Breakfast at the clubhouse for our next fundraiser. If you would like to help, contact Sue L. Dates and details to follow next week. Doug K is taking all the clubhouse garbage to the Dump for us. We could use a few people to help load the garbage in his truck. Call Sue L or Doug K if you can help. Don't forget about the Cricket Class the first week in May. We do have five people signed up but have room for a few more if you are interested. (The Quilting Class is on hold until the Fall.) We are interested in planning a few day trips each month. Any ideas? In the past we went to Tail of the Pup , Alex Bay Boat Tours, the Bill Wilson House, Camping, The Round up in Syracuse, etc. Maybe a fishing trip is in order or a picnic at Barnhart Beach? Let us know if anything is of interest to you. The house is starting to be used by Sponsors to do Step work. Now we need to work on expanding the open hours and thought we would start with the afternoons. Al-Anon Started the Step Meeting on Mondays at 5:30 and the Woman's meeting has been revamped and participation has increased. Slowly we are getting back to normal ... whatever that is! We received a great donation last week from Community Health Center of Northern NY in Canton. We are now fully stocked with Covid Test kits and Masks. If you need either contact Sue L to make arrangements for a pick up. We also received a $20..00 donation from Bob F. St John's Episcopal Church has invited the Clubhouse to a Picnic on Fathers Day.( June) It will be held at Barnhardt Beach Pavillion and they are asking if we can bring a dish to pass for those that are able. Sue L will be collecting names of people who would like to go so contact her if you are interested. It's great when the community supports the Clubhouse. Thanks Everybody. Apparently some people are being told the Clubhouse does not hold AA and NA meetings. In addition to sponsoring activities and keeping the doors open, we do hold both AA and NA meetings. A list of the meetings can be found on our website and this newsletter. Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Thursdays @ 11:30 am Living Sober AA Group Thursdays @ 6:00 PM Alanon Saturday @ 11:30 am NA Mtg Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open Tuesday Noon on line Al-Anon Meeting. On Line Meetings . Monday - Friday at 7:00 PM go to website for log in detail. Finally a reminder the Clubhouse is intended to be a a safe environment for people trying to stay sober. Please keep that in mind when at the clubhouse. More next week......

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Mike R
Mike R
28 abr 2022

Sue L, how about renting a pontoon for a summer day. I would think we could have a great time. Would be great for Danny L to be the captain. We could BBQ anywhere. Last I checked its not to expensive

Me gusta
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