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This Week @39 Serenity Place

HI Everybody, Missed getting a note out last week .. sorry about that. Lots to share so take a seat John F. We hope everyone had a good two weeks and are looking forward to more activities at the Clubhouse. Its been a long two years but we are finally gaining some momentum ,its great to see everyone wandering back. This Sunday March 13th , Danny L. is celebrating 21 years and David D. is celebrating 34 years!! at the 1pm. AA meeting . (David is celebrating at his home group but we wanted to recognize him anyway) As a special treat, Blayne F. volunteered to cook the Sunday meal. Blyane is making Lasagna, Garlic Toast and a tossed salad. He is a Chef at the 1884 House so expect a fantastic meal. There will be cake for dessert and of course the 6 half gallons of ice cream thanks to Ice Cream Steve. (On a side note, we will soon be calling Ice Cream Steve Sailor Steve once he gets his boat in the water.) The following week , Sunday March 20, Darcy F. is celebrating one year and Willie M is celebrating his actual birthday. ( Ask him how old he is!) Willie M. volunteered to cook a Southern Meal for our Sunday dinner and yes more cake and ice cream!! So lets come out and support all of these people living one day at a time. Congratulations to everyone. Other big news is the NA Meeting on Saturdays @ 11:30 AM. Thanks to Ciera S. and Hannah H. who started the meeting. In one month the meeting has doubled in size. Thanks for getting the meeting up and running Ciera and Hannah. If you haven't stopped by the clubhouse you probably don't know about our Fundraiser. Karen M generously donated 8 baskets full of all kinds of stuff. To date the Laundry basket with well over $40.00 worth of products is proving to be most popular. Also there is a basket with a $20.00 copper frying pan and all sort of gadgets that is running a close second. Stop in to get a good view of everything. Prices: 3 tickets for $5.00 and an arms Length for $10.00 See Sue L or Michelle P if you want o purchase tickets. Drawing is Sunday March 20. Thanks for initiating the fundraiser Karen M. Last week Michelle P and Sue L started cleaning the upstairs rooms . It is a huge undertaking so if anyone wants to help we will be back at it this Wednesday March 9 in the afternoon. We have already cleaned the Meditation/Meeting quite a bit but we have more to go!! Many hands make less work.... Last Saturday we resumed Movie Day. It was a smaller crow than usual but we are confident people will start trickling back once the word gets out. We watched A Million Little Pieces . Sara M taught us how to make hash and while we were watching the movie we enjoyed really a good meal. Thanks Sara M. It was a good movie for both addicts and family members. If you haven't had a chance to see it, check it out on Hulu . We are showing The Way Back with Ben Affleck this Saturday March 12 t 1:30 pm. Bring snacks and we will make the popcorn ! We are open to movie suggestions and can also return to some of the ones previously shown for the new people coming in. Let us know what you think.. Two weeks ago Pam B made Mac & Cheese , Willie M brought Deli Meat and Sue L brought the rolls & bread Great Mac & Cheese Pam there was not a drop left by the end of the dinner and there was very little deli meat left either. Delma W made a cake and it goes without saying there was ice cream on the table. To our surprise Pam B likes to play Pitch so she and David D. (another new recruit) played with Old timers Danny L and Gaeton R. . By the way thanks to Kathleen M for washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. The next Sunday Sue L made Pea Soup and Tomato Mac Soup and Willie M made his awesome tossed salad and Delma W made grilled cheese. Michelle P donated an excellent pumpkin pie to go along with all of our ice cream. We are proud to say we are down to five half gallons. There was another card game ... go figure.... Other news, we have received two donations the past two weeks. Thank-you to the Al-Anon Tuesday Group for a $50.00 donation and Willie M just purchased a griddle for the clubhouse so we are thinking Pancake fundraiser sometime soon! We appreciate your generosity everyone . Also, the Al-Anon Step Meeting will resume the first week in April and will meet on Mondays after the Al-Anon Meeting. Everyone is welcome. We are working out of the Searching for Personal Freedom workbook and if you need one, we have them available. Angie D. has started a Grief Group on Saturdays at 6 pm and that meeting is being held at Sewakwatho. Although he did not celebrate, John B just reached his 25 year anniversary the beginning of March. Congrats John More next week ........

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