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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

H Everybody,

Just when I thought we didn't have much to report .... we did!!

This Saturday February 26 (tomorrow) at 2 PM its Movie Day ! We will be watching: A Million Little Pieces . Although the writer was controversial, the movie is very good and relatable to most in recovery. Kenny B. will lead us in discussion after the movie . Before that, Sara M and Pam B will be making Hash and while we watch the movie it will cook! Then of course we will all enjoy a little nibble after the movie !~ Bring a snack if you can and of course we will get that popcorn machine going too. We will start at 1:30 right after the 11:30-NA Meeting .

Then on Sunday February 27after the 1 pm AA Meeting, Pam B is bringing homemade Macaroni & Cheese and Willie M. is bring Deli Meet for Sandwiches on a Kaiser Roll. We do have lots of Ice Cream from Ice Cream Steve . Anyone want to make a dessert t go with the Ice cream? A reminder, we do have take out for anyone who cannot stay. Most likely Gaeton R will show up for cards and people will hang around for a while socializing . Think about joining us. It is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon during the winter months.

Last Sunday we had a Chili and Willie M's famous salad for dinner after the1 pm AA Meeting. Kathleen M brought cupcakes and of course we are still trying to finish up the ice cream. Last week Ice Cream Steve brought Death by Chocolate, always a crowd favorite! Gaeton R showed up at the last minute and he Danny L., Delma W. and David D. played cards. Yup, we have recruited David D. and now he is a regular! Welcome to Angie D and Mick M. It was great to see you on Sunday. Also, big thanks to Jason for digging out the garbage cans. We were finally able to put the garbage out!

Other news: Blyane F. is cooking for the clubhouse on Sunday March 13. We are going to leave the menu up to him and are pretty excited to see what he has in store for a meal! We will also be celebrating Danny L's Anniversary .... 21 years . Congrats Danny . The following week Sunday March 20, Willie M volunteered to cook a southern Meal. It is close to with his March 17th Birthday so Sue L will bring a cake to along with all the ice cream!! Thanks Willie and Blyane

Karen M just donated 8 Laundry Baskets full of al kinds of stuff for our next fundraiser!! There is a little something for everyone, so stop by and check it out. Tickets will go on sale Sunday and we will pick 8 winners right before Easter. Sue L and Michelle P will be organizing this fundraiser. Thanks for the generosity Karen.(As soon as the Baskets are set up we will post pictures on our website and FB page because this fundraiser is not limited to Clubhouse members.)

Jane F's Quilt runner class has not yet been scheduled and Darcy F. has generously offered to help and donate material if we need it. Stay tuned for a date and time. Darcy F. also has another craft idea . I can't remember what it is called but is is a little doodling and Zen concept ! Sounds interesting and I promise to get the details for next week !! Also Davona has offered to do a beading class sometime in the future. Everyone is invited just let Sue L know as class sizes are limited .

Finally, we just received 100.00 donation from Cathy B. We are thank-full for her generosity and everyone who is sending money to help us keep going. Also thanks to Becky B for her dedication to the Store. We are starting to make a few dollars again and appreciate the fact she kept the store going through the pandemic! It would seem out Higher Power wants us to keep the clubhouse going and has presented us with so many opportunities to do so! By the way , the Narcan class has been cancelled , we will schedule the class within the next month and will hold it on a Sunday after the AA Meeting. Training is limited to ten people so let Sue L know if you are interested.

More Next Week

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