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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

  • Hi Everybody, Another week in the books at the Clubhouse! We hope everyone had a good week ... we did at the clubhouse.! This Saturday November 20 , St John's Church is hosting their take out Ham and Scalloped Potato Dinner. For the 25 people that signed up , please pick up your dinner between 4-5pm. Sue & Danny L will be there to help pass out meals to the club members.... well Sue L anyway. Danny L might deliver the meals. A Huge thank-you to St Johns Church Members who invited us to such a wonderful treat. We already know the meal is going to be good because Pam B. is the Cook !! Then on Sunday November 21, Michelle P is cooking a 15 Bean Soup and Sue L is making the Biscuits and Willie M is making the salad. . Danny L is cooking in his Instapot again... who know what he is making but after last weeks Instapot Lazagna hit, ... We are sure it will be good. Please bring a dish to pass or we are really in need of water, soda and desserts . The lunch is after the 1 pm AA meeting. Thanks Willie M and Michelle P. Last Sunday week 25 people showed up for the AA meeting and Lunch. Some people did leave because of the crowd and difficulty with social distancing. So, we have secured a few locations to move the meeting and and lunch to if the crowd continues to be large. This week we will ask members if they would like to move a a larger location for the Sunday meetings and meals. Watch for details. It was a good lunch for those that did stay. Sue L and Danny L made Lazagna and had a competition whose was better. I can't tell you who won as there was not a scrap of food left from either dish. Naturally Danny thinks his was better! Jim R. brought a great Caesars Salad and Delma W. brought another fantastic cake. Sue & Danny L brought the cake they won at St. Mary's Bazaar and Ice Cream Steve did not disappoint with his black Raspberry Ice Cream. Oh I did forget Willie M brought the donuts and Kathleen M. brought apples and donut bites. Thanks Everyone. Gaeton R. showed up so their was card game. If we had one more person we could have set up a second table so Sue L and Willie M could play. Maybe you could pop in just for cards next week... Anybody ! It was great to see Heidi A, Tom S, Charlie C, and Tawnda and a few newcomers. Keep coming back we enjoyed your company . Thanksgiving is just a week away and we are busy making plans for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday November 25 at St. Marys Social Hall at 2 pm. We don't have an accurate number yet so if you would like to come please let us know. We already have the turkey, stuffing , potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce covered. So please bring a dish to pass for side dishes or desserts. Again soda and water are always need. We have the coffee covered . Call Sue L with any questions. Char B. is planning a Craft Fundraiser for the first week in December. The cost should be anywhere from $15-20(includes supplies) details to follow next week. So for all you crafters out there plan on attending and bring a friend. Lets hope Lori S. will join us as she always bring life to the craft sessions. We are also asking Delma W. to organize a Pickle Ball Tournament, her new favorite sport! Of course we will have to schedule it around the time John F., is in town so hoping January 2022 will work out. What do you say John? Don't forget Becki B. has organized the store for the holidays. Yu might find just the gift you are looking for. Thanks for all your hard work Becki. As you might have guessed we are hard at work fundraising for the clubhouse. If you have a few extra bucks and would like to donate it to the clubhouse, please feel free. We were in great shape until Covid and like many organizations, times are tough. Thanks for considering a donation. Finally meeting attendance is really picking up. Please join anytime. Use the back door and wear a mask. If you do not have one we have a box at the sign in table. You will see the Thursday Meeting was added to the list. Thanks for catching that Delma! Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Open Thursdays @ 6:00pm Al-Anon Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open There are two meetings in the works for sometime soon. Watch for details. *Reminder: There are still on line mtgs using the gotomtg app. See our website for details. More next week....

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