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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone, Last week we had a little more activity at the Clubhouse and while we are not up to speed with activities, we do have some news to share. We are sure John F. is enjoying the brevity of the newsletters!! Don't get used to it John we hope this will turn around soon. This Sunday we will have lunch after the 1 pm AA Meeting. We will be serving " Make your own Sub" and are asking people to bring a dish to pass. Except for Ice Cream Steve. He has us loaded up with Ice Cream for the next couple of weeks so he gets a pass ! Thanks, Steve We will set up the tables for this meal and of course still have the TV Tables so there is enough room to spread out. Last week we mentioned that the members of St. John's Church invited us to a Ham and Scalloped Potato dinner. That dinner is scheduled for Saturday, November 20, and is take-out only. Sue L. is signing up people so contact her if you are interested. Don't forget Clubhouse member Pam B. is the cook so you are in for a real treat. Plans are also underway for Thanksgiving Dinner. As always we will serve dinner on Thanksgiving Day at 2 pm. We will be changing our location to St. Mary's Parish Hall so that we have enough room to spread out safely. Please bring a side dish to pass or dessert More details to follow next week. If you would like dinner and cannot attend, we will deliver meals later in the day. We have begun cleaning the clubhouse and thanks to Michelle P. the clubhouse bathrooms and kitchen are being cleaned once a week. Willie M. will be shampooing the carpets this weekend and we are organizing the downstairs before we move upstairs to tackle those rooms. We are accepting volunteers for this project!! Last Sunday we had a Birthday Party for Jim R. Michelle P made an awesome Spaghetti Dinner and Willie M made his famous Salad. Delma W outdid herself with a Birthday Cake that was gone in two minutes flat and Steve brought the ice cream. Sue L made garlic bread that was left in the oven ... so only she got to eat any !! It was really nice to see Heidi A., Mitch M. and Gaeton R. Yes Gaeton was there, so you know what that means... Card games after the dinner. Thanks to everyone who showed up to help us celebrate. Jim R. really appreciated it. The meetings are starting to pick up steam As a reminder there are two AA Meetings one is on Tuesdays at 7 pm and then on Sundays at 1 pm. Sara M started a Women's Meeting on Wednesday @ 5 PM. The group will be discussing the Steps using the Book: A Woman's Way. The step one discussion starts next Wednesday, November 10. The meeting is at 5 pm. Please stop in and check it out. thThe Meeting is open to anyone facing addiction of any kind. that includes AA, Alanon OA, etc. There are also two Al-Anon Meetings. Mondays @ 5 pm and Thursday @ 6 pm. Also, a step Mtg for Alanon Members @ 5 pm on Mondays. Although not confirmed Delma W. is considering starting a mtg on Thursdays and we are checking with Carl C. about the Men's mtg on Wednesday @ 5 pm. As a reminder, there are still online meetings. Check out our website for more details on those meetings. In case you are wondering, masks are still required in the clubhouse. If you don't have a box of masks on the sign-in table. Finally, is anyone interesting in a painting class? or a pancake breakfast? Organizing these two events is next on the list... any volunteers to help organize? More next week .......

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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