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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

  • Hi Everybody, I know another update in just one week, I am as surprised as you!! We do have some news we wanted to share thanks to some committed Clubhouse House Members organizing activities and meetings to begin in November. Spread the Word! This Sunday October 31st we are celebrating Jim R.'s Birthday after the 1 pm AA Meeting. We don't know how old he will be but he has been around a while so we figure .... he is old !! We are having a Spaghetti Dinner thanks to Dan L and his new Instapot! This dinner will be held at the Clubhouse and we will be setting up TV Tables instead of the banquet tables. We do ask that people wear a mask for the meeting and during the times they are not eating. Hope we see you Sunday and Happy Birthday Jim R. . Sara M. has organized a Woman's Group to begin Wednesday November 3 @ 5 pm. at the Clubhouse. Sara will be using the Book A Woman's Way Through the Twelve steps. She ( with the help of Darcy F. ) secured a book and workbook for this week and if people want to, we can order books for the future. If not we will continue making copies. Check it out Wednesday @ 5pm. It may be just the meeting you were looking for. Thanks for organizing the meeting Sara! Also beginning on November 3 is a Men's AA Meeting on Wednesday @ 7PM. Thanks to Carl C. who contacted us about setting up this meeting. Please consider supporting this meeting too. Other scheduled meetings include: Tuesday AA Open Mtg @ 7 pm. and Sunday Open AA Mtg at 1 pm. We do have new people coming in almost weekly and would appreciate your support for these folks. As always, the gotomtgs are still being held on line Monday-Friday . Check out our website for more information. The Al-Anon Mtgs are going strong Mondays @ 4:30 and Thursdays @ 6PM. There is also a Step Mtg for Al-Anon Monday at 5:30 pm. Thanks to Mary who treated us with a dinner two weeks ago. Also scheduled for the month of November is a dinner sponsored by St. Johns Church. Again this year we have been invited to a Ham and Scalloped Potatoes cooked by our very own clubhouse member Pam B. (this is pick up only ). Sue L. is collecting names for those who are interested so contact her right away. (We can deliver if necessary.) A big thank-you to the to St. John's Church for always thinking of the Clubhouse. Thanks to everyone who supports the Clubhouse. In just one week we have added two meetings. There are many activities we would like to resume but due to Covid Concerns we are evaluating each week what would be safe for everyone. We hope to have more information next week on activities and fundraisers and Becki B's Store. We will have a Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Day . Details for that dinner will be decided this coming week. More next week....

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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