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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Sue Laprade

Thu, Aug 5, 12:00 PM Hi Everybody, Its been a nice week ... no rain... lets hope it continues this weekend!! This Sunday August 8 we are celebrating three Anniversaries at the Clubhouse. However there has been a change in plans. The 1 pm Sunday Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse and we will celebrate with a Cookout at the campsite immediately following the meeting. This way people who can not go to the campsite can attend the Anniversary Meetings. so ... 1 pm AA Meeting at the Clubhouse Anniversary Celebration for Delma W. 43 yrs. Lois J., 12 years and Willie M 11 years. Cookout at Robert Mosses Campground Site 50 , Bring a chair and a dish to pass. This will be the fourth year Delma ,Willie and Lois have celebrated their anniversaries together. What a great tradition.. hope to see everyone there. Then the following week Sunday August 15, many of us will be attending the Jim Brady at the Waddington Beach. We have booked a campsite at Coles Creek starting on the 15th so everyone is welcome back to site 246 for a campfire and maybe.... a game of cards as Gaeton R. has assured us he will be there!! If you need a ride, be sure to let us know. Last Sunday after the 1 pm AA Meeting, 14 pm 14 people stayed for a Meatloaf dinner. Both Willie M. and Michelle P.made meatloaf, Char B. made awesome mashed potatoes and beans, Willie made his famous tossed salad and Mick made a great salad that I don't know the name of!!. Cathy B brought Maple cookies and Jim R. brought all kinds of desserts. There were a few more donations but not sure who brought what!! Still looking for Ice Cream Steve who will probably make his way to the Clubhouse in the fall! We are still taking votes on whose meatloaf was better ..... Gaeton R. did show up and you guessed it... cards again. The biggest treat came when Tangie & Laurel walked in with a gift for the clubhouse. You may have seen the sign we already posted.... Enter as Strangers Leave as Friends. We love it and we have already recruited Jason to hang it up for us. Last week we received a donation of new sandals and belts and we have been very busy passing them out to clubhouse members. If you would like either of these items , stop by the clubhouse. No purchase necessary! What a treat to receive something new for free! Finally , we are holding steady with the four Meetings at the Clubhouse. There are still on line meetings Monday - Friday. Visit our website for information. We are hoping to add another Meeting this Fall which will include a meal. We also are planning an Anniversary for the Clubhouse early September. Lots of plans but we need some volunteers as we lost many people to the disease during Covid and have started rebuilding one more time!! More next week. ....

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