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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Things are picking up at the clubhouse every week. It won't be long before September is upon us and we will celebrate our 8th year since 39 Serenity Place opened its doors. Its hard to believe we opened with folding chairs along the wall and scrambled to pay the rent each month! Thanks to 11 people in recovery who spent months planning , raising money and keeping the doors open that first year. Here's what's happening

This Sunday August 1st, Willie M is opening the doors for the 1 pm AA Meeting, he is cooking a Meatloaf Dinner for us to enjoy after the Meeting. Please bring a dish to pass if you can. Last week 13 people enjoyed Jim R.'s Hotdog dinner complete with all the toppings for a hotdog. Not only that, Jim donated his Hotdog Cooker, and two crock pots to the clubhouse for future picnics. Thanks for coordinating that meal Jim and thanks to all the people who brought side dishes. The big news is that Gaeton R. showed up and you guessed it.... the card game was on!! Also thanks to Char B for helping clean up and welcome Mick . We are glad to see you join the Clubhouse. Now to track down Dusty R. who used to bring the doughnuts and plan a game or two of cards. !!

The following week we will be celebrating three Anniversaries. Delma W. has 43 yrs, Willie M. 11 yrs and Lois J. 12 yrs. at Robert5 Moses Campground. Watch for specific details next week the impact the Pandemic had on him the need to be in constant contact with his HP and his spirituality. Thanks Danny L a good reminder for all of us.

We are slowly getting the outdoors set up too. Josh S. brought up a few outdoor chairs and this week we will get the umbrellas out this week. Lets hope the sun will shine sometime soon !! We have not set up the tables in the clubhouse and instead are using TV Tables . Everyone seem to enjoy the new set up at least for now. If you have a few extra TV tables we could use them.

Finally, we received another donation in Memory of Shawn Nichol and also another donation from the Salvation Army. WE are so appreciative for the Community support You'll have to stop buy to see the Salvation Army donation.... we are giving away the donations to our members???

Jim R. has volunteered to take the Clubhouse Phone for for the next month. Thanks Jim it is an important service as we are starting to receive calls about meetings etc. A reminder the number is 315-250-7410

Open Meetings at the Clubhouse"

Mondays @ 4:30pm Alanon

Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm AA (open)

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm Alanon

Sundays @ 1:00 pm AA

More next week....

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