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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Although there is still not a lot to report we do have a little news as the Clubhouse Opening is underway !!

Last week Michelle P. and Sue L. cleaned the downstairs and set up all three rooms. Michelle set up a new efficient coffee station including sweet treats! Thanks Michelle it looks great. The two main rooms are set up for meetings and the tables have been taken down for the time being. Willie M. shampooed the carpets and we will be cleaning the kitchen next week. Char B. cleaned the oven a huge job that nobody wanted . Thanks Char & Willie. The store is operational and I am sure there is something you need to purchase !! Most likely Becki B will be up there getting it ready for fall very soon. Next week we will tackle the upstairs. Anyone want to help?

Two weekends ago we decided to go camping at the last minute and found a beautiful site on the water. Since it was a last minute decision we tried to get the word out to as many people as we could. So if you missed it, we will be camping again and will be sure to give people plenty of time to consider attending. It was great to see Willie M., Char B., Eddie S., Mike R., Sara M. Delma W., Sherri R. and Ruth Ann M. and Michelle P.. There was some fishing , campfires, great food but no Cards!! I know we were as surprised as you! Guess we will have to get Gaeton R. out there to shake it up.

Next Week July 18, Willie M is opening up the 1:00pm Sunday meeting at the Clubhouse. We will serve subs outdoors afterwards. Please bring a dish to pass. Soon we will try and open the Friday Night Big Book Mtg but for now it is still on line. Use the Gotomtg app and find the log in Info on our website.

So the mtgs open at the clubhouse are as follows: Monday @4:30 pm Alanon

Tuesday @ 7pm AA - Open

Thursday @ 6:00pm Alanon

Sunday @ 1:00pm AA Open

We have a lot of new people at the Tuesday Mtg and are calling people who have been around a while to consider attending the meeting to help share your experience strength and hope. It would really benefit the newcomers .

The Salvation Army donated an enormous amount of food to the clubhouse, so much that both freezers are full and we have given a lot of food away to club members already. We also have a dry food pantry so there are a few things we can help out with. Give us a call if you are running short on food. Big thanks to the Salvation Army for their generosity.

Sara M and Mike R have volunteered to set up a table and distribute information about the Clubhouse to people attending the Tony Hoffman Speaker event scheduled for late August. Thanks Sara and Mike . Watch for details on this event. Also watch for details for an Anniversary date the first week in August. Delma W. Lois J. and Willie M. will be celebrating their anniversaries together as they have the last three years. ( except last year of course)

More next week......

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