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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

The Alex Bay Boat Tour Excursion is has been postponed to Saturday August 17.  After the Boat Tour we will stop for a picnic and hold a meeting.  Most people did not want to leave early enough to attend the 9 am meeting in Alex Bay so this was suggested as an alternative.    Let Sue L know if you want to go . Rides will be available and we will be departing form the Clubhouse.  For those of you who have already responded watch for final details next week.  

Other news for this weekend:  The Jim Brady Picnic is this Sunday in Waddington at the Beach.  Starts at Noon. Bring a dish to pass.  Its a great way to meet other people in the program from all over St. Lawrence County. 

Last week we had a great dinner and anniversary celebration after the Sunday Meeting.  Lois J , Willie M , & Delma W all celebrated and were happy so many people came out to support them. Darlene made a huge lasagna and Sarah M made cabbage rolls and Lois brought a macaroni salad.  Sue L made the salad and for second week  in a row,the salad disappeared!   She must be catching on to the Willie M secret salad recipe! It goes without saying how good the cake was!!  It was great to see people we haven't seen in a while.  Keep coming back. We did learn we were a month early for the Gaetan R. 28 year celebration. so we are planning his anniversary next month and he has promised to tell Darlene what he wants her to make for dinner....   The card players wrapped it up early and many sat outside until 7pm  just talking. Then a group left for the Norwood Greens Concert which we hear was outstanding. .  A long day for some.   Join us sometime, there is always something going on Sunday afternoon. 

Last Thursday a group of people finally moved all the garage sale donations at the Clubhouse to the Old DMV  and the clubhouse has been restored to a gathering place.  Thanks Carl C. Mike, Sarah M. Due L and Danny L.  We let Lori S. off the hook since she carried all the stuff into the Clubhouse  and Rebecca T. was just too tired and  donated a lot as well.  The Garage Sale will be held in September . 

The Golf Tournament is plugging along. We have received  donations and funding but are in need of more.  If you can help let Danny L or Bill D know.  A reminder that the tournament is September 15 at the Cedar View Golf Course.  Thanks to Darcy F. for her help in promoting this event to all the local media.  

Two Camping Trips are on the Books!~  The First one starts Sunday August 18 and we will have tDinner after the Sunday Meeting at the Campsite. We will be at Robert Moses on site 49 right on the water. Anyone who wants to set up a tent let us know.  We know Darlene is pitching a tent  and Mike P and Sam.  ..  maybe Karen M will join us again.  The other date to keep in mind is September 7-11 at Robert Mosses on site 48. Again by the water.     Everyone is welcome. 

 Once summer is over we will be gearing up for all sorts of planned activities.    Rest up it will be a busy year! 

More next week. 

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