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This Week @ 39Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, It has been two weeks so lots to share! Get ready John F........ you may want to schedule some reading time. Hope everyone has had a good three weeks and is looking forward to some clubhouse activity! In case you are wondering, masks are still required to be worn at the clubhouse for all meetings and activities. Hannah H. has organized a new NA Meeting and it starts this Saturday February 12 at 11:30 am. Parking is in the back of the building and enter through the back door. Masks must be worn while at the clubhouse. For more information contact Hannah H. or call the Clubhouse phone at 315-250-7410. Also on Saturday February 12 at 1:30 pm Char B. is holding a Craft Class . We will be making wreaths and the cost for supplies is $20.00. We are still Covid Conscience so there are only there are only 7 spots available and masks must be worn. If you are interested, let Sue L know right away. Then on Sunday February 13 we will resume dinner at the 1 pm AA meeting . Not sure what the menu is but rest assured there will be ice cream as Ice Cream Steve has us well stocked!! We have set up the tables to create distancing and also have placed a TV table at all the chairs in the TV Room. However take out is available as an option. After we eat we will be showing the movie Four Good Days followed by a discussion . This is a great movie about addition and its impact on both the addict and the family. We are sure there will be some card playing if Gaeton R. has anything to say about it. Along with Danny L and Delma W. and maybe Carol H? It is also Super Bowl Sunday and Willie M is bringing snacks to watch the game later that night. If you want to join him, bring a snack (if you can) and let us know ahead of time if you plan on attending. We are trying to keep the numbers low enough to be safe and will change our location if we need to. So that's it for this weekend!! Next weekend February 20 we have asked Laurel to conduct a Narcan Training after the 1 pm AA mtg. We discovered that some of our members have not yet been trained. If you are interested in that, please let Sue L. know . Not to worry we will still serve dinner and there will still be ice cream. We are hoping to have a another movie on Saturday February 19 after the NA Mtg. but will confirm that once we determine if there is an interest in resuming Movies on Saturday afternoon. Don't forget we do serve popcorn! Last Sunday Heather A. made Mac and Cheese for dinner after the AA meeting. We served rolls Michelle P. had donated and Ice cream Steve brought the ice Cream . Not only did Heather make the dinner, she cleaned up the entire kitchen by herself . Thanks Heather, we appreciate all that you did. We used the last of Ice Cream Steve's disposable to go containers but he assures us he has more. The crowd dispersed quickly and only four die hard card players stayed for a few games. You can imagine who played! Hi to Hannah H and Dan D. and welcome back Doug K.( If I missed anyone new Ill catch up next week ! ) The week before we celebrated Sara M.'s 27 Anniversary and served Strawberry Shortcake. Thanks Pam B. for the Strawberries, David D. for the shortcakes ( made at the Co-op bakery in Potsdam), Sue L for the Whipped Cream and Delma W. for putting it all together during the meeting. Congratulations Sara!! Sara was surprised when Josh S. showed up with a bouquet of daisies for Sara. It was extra nice as Sara's special 27 yr coin did not arrive in time for the celebration.(of course it arrived on Monday ) Finally, thanks to Willie M. for donating the third round table in the meeting room and Kathleen M. for donating bottled water, toilet paper and paper towels. We appreciate the donation and commitment to the Clubhouse. Which brings us to the water issue. There is a water fountain in the clubhouse and plastic glasses. Its free! If you would rather have a bottle of water or can of soda , please drop 50 cents in the donation can. It is the only way we can continue to provide bottled water and soda . Thanks Meetings are the Clubhouse and online are being held as usual. Notice that we keep adding meetings. If you want to start a new one Let us know. There is talk of starting a Joe and Charlie Meeting in the Spring. As a reminder: Meetings scheduled are: Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Thursdays @ 11:30 am Living Sober AA Group Thursdays @ 6:00 PM Alanon Saturday @ 11:30 am NA Mtg Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open Please join our online meetings. Monday - Friday at 7:00 PM - 39 Serenity Place - 39 Serenity Place There is also an On line Alanon Meeting on Tuesdays at noon. More next week....

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