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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and warming weather the past few days. Lets hope this is the trend and spring is around the corner. More people seem to be getting out and smiling so that is a good sign!!and we have new people coming in almost every day. Its great. This week our clubhouse members have been and will be busy. On Tuesday March 21, Char B. lead the cleaning team of Sara M., Stacey S. and Rob C. at St Johns Episcopal Church. . Next Wednesday at 2:30 Sue L will join the group and we are looking for a few more volunteer. If that doesn't work out we will also be cleaning the Methodist Church on Saturday April 1st. We will new a group for that day as well. This is a great opportunity to do a little community service sand pay it forward from al the organizations and people who have contributed to us staying open. See Sue L if you have some free time. Last week we had a Spaghetti Dinner after the 1 pm AA meeting. Sue L brought in the food and Delma W did all the cooking. We had a variety of Ice Cream for dessert thanks to Ice Cream Steve. Get it while you can because very soon he will be headed out to the high seas to resume his Sailor Steve identity. We asked if The Skipper was headed out with him this year ( David D.) and he didn't answer. We forgot to ask David D when he showed up a little later. The card players Gaeton R., Danny L, Char B. and Karen M set up in the Meeting room and it was great because more people hung around after the dinner. Lois J commented how nice it was to that so many people stayed to visit. that was after she, Tina C and Sara M started cleaning out the store. Please see Sue M if you would like to take a few things from our enormous amount of "stuff" We are slowly weeding out what to sav. Thanks Josh S. for taking care of the garbage and Lois J for helping with the dishes. Nice to see you back Carl and Gary M. & John F. Welcome Missy and Chris. At the end of the day John F. stopped in for a minute and it got really loud. He and Delma W left to go get Milkshakes and Delma came back empty handed. What's up with that John F.? Last week we celebrated Danny L 22 Anniversary. Louise T gave Danny his coin and had a hear warming talk . By the way, Louise is still wondering who took her coin of 22 yrs at her anniversary!! Then Kenny B spoke and had the group laughing within minutes. Thanks to both Louise T and Kenny B for sharing in the day and to everyone else who showed. It was a packed house but we had enough food to eat thanks to Karen M. Sue L had made stuffed shells , and Karen popped in with a whole dinner. Stacey S made a great cake that was gone in a flash and don't forget Ice Cream Steve ... our mainstay. Tina C also brought some brownies. It was also great to see Heidi A , Tom S. and Lori S. stop in. Welcome Curtis who was in town visiting for the week. The Pitch Tournament was a big success. Although it was way to long for a Round Robin Tournament. Players started dropping off because they were just too tired to keep going. first to leave was Gaeton R. then Justin, then Carol H. We decided never to put Lori S and Sue L together for a tournament because they talk so much the games went really long and they lost every game anyway!! Lori S sure did bring some livlihood to the tournament. Also thanks to Curtis who learned how to play in three days and and Doug K who did volunteer to sit in if Lori couldn't play. Char B. contests winners Karen M and Danny L and is looking for a rematch. Now to get Pam B to stop travelling so we can schedule that!! It was pointed out that I wrote the wrong date for the Woman's Day of Sharing in Kutztown PA. the correct Day is Saturday April 22 . Maybe some of you can come now!! Sign up forms are at the sign Some of the members who have attended other Candlelight meetings have found it relaxing and helpful. Also The Saturday NA Meeting members opted not to show a movie last week but will resume this week after their meeting Not sure what they are showing but it is always good and thought provoking. Thanks Eric F. for setting up a clubhouse zoom account so that we can make our meetings hybrid. Last week there were a few glitches so we will keep you posted on the progress when we are set to go. Eric purchased a tablet and zoom account for a year. Thanks Eric Above and beyond. i Finally thanks to almost all of the Clubhouse who volunteered to pay dues so we could obtain a larger location. Anyone who does not regularly attend the clubhouse but would like to pay dues, we welcome your donations. We are hoping a larger and better parking will make a big difference. Sometimes it can be difficult for people new in sobriety to ask for help while trying to stay sober. People often call the clubhouse phone as a last resort. That is fine but it doesn't have to be a last resort. Call anytime, don't wait till it is too late. We do not judge, it doesn't matter what you have done. WE HAVE BEEN THERE. Let us help you.

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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