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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Its winter break ! Hope everyone is enjoying a little time off and a little time away! Those of us who are still in the area this week are keeping the Clubhouse open. We have newcomers stopping in every day ! Welcome Chris, Tia and Matt. Great to see you at all the meetings and activities. This past Sunday , after the 1 pm AA Meeting, we had a Sausage, Onions and Peppers dinner thanks to Kara L. and Rob R. Kara supplied the sausage and Rob did all the cooking. A real team effort! Sue L. made Mac & Cheese Willie M. was back with his famous salad and Ice Cream Steve brought Cherry Vanilla Ice cream this week. A real crowd favorite. Even though the crowd was smaller there was very little food left by the end of the day. Big Thank-you to Lois J who did all the dishes and Kara L. who came early to clean the clubhouse and set up for the lunch. Thanks for volunteering. It is really appreciated. Of course Gaeton R. strolled in later in the day and someone jumped up to set up the card table. Gaeton R and Danny L just sit down and the the game starts!! Willie M., Sue L., Karen M., and Char B all took turns playing while Danny L and Gaeton R. never gave up their chairs!! Everyone was relieved when scorekeeper Char B arrived on the scene and took over. You never really know who is winning when Danny and Gaeton are trying to keep it straight! After the game we all went to Spanky's for dinner and to visit Stacey S. The day before, Saturday, we watched the Movie Ben is Back after the Noon NA Meeting. We had a nice crowd and a great discussion from both AA, NA and Al-anon perspectives. It was a real eye opener for all three groups to hear reactions from different points of view. Sara M. made an awesome soup which we all enjoyed and Sue L took some home for dinner that night. Thanks Sara, it was delicious . Also thanks to Kara L for washing the dishes and Sara M for ... you guessed it, taking out the garbage. Note: Sue L. did clean the bathrooms on Friday... and wants some credit for that !!! Join us for Saturday Movies at 2 pm. We try and show more recent movies with a theme of recovery/addiction followed buy an informal discussion after. Thanks to Sara M for taking that task on and all the people who support it. By the way, the week before we watched Hillbilly Elegy. No one wanted to watch it because of the title but we highly recommend it. It focuses on addiction and the impact on the family through the years. Most of us don't realize how and why people think the way they do when addiction is involved. Eyes were opened after this movie. We served lots of junk food in preparation for the Super bowl feast the next day!! Thanks to all who contributed. Super Bowl Sunday was a busy day. First we held the 1pm AA Meeting , then thanks to Karen M we served Chicken and Biscuits after the meeting and some awesome cookies with of course Ice Cream Steve's collection of flavors. thanks for helping clean up Carl. WE put the card players in the Meeting room and closed the door. Along with Gaeton R and Danny L Carol H and Char B played some cards . Justin played until Char B returned from Pickle Ball and of course they poked their heads out for some food now and then. We had a nice crowd for the Super Bowl but lost some people because we had trouble with the Wifi. Five minutes after they left the wifi worked right up until after the half time show and then we all packed up and left. While people were there they ate lots of food. Thanks Pam B , Sara M, Sue L, Jim R. Tina C., and whoever else brought food. We did set it all up on Saturday but didn't realize the router was bad. Lesson learned! The Pitch Tournament had to be rescheduled because of the winter break and we have rescheduled it for Sunday March 5 but ... we just had a request to change the date to March 12 so we are contacting everyone to see if that is possible. We will keep you posted . In the meantime there is still time to sign up. If you don't have a partner we will pair you with someone. Right now we are one person shy of twelve players. Also on March18 we are hosting an Appreciation Event for all clubhouse members who go above and beyond to help keep this place going. and believe the Clubhouse is making a comeback after the Pandemic because of their dedication. Thanks Everyone . Finally there is a Woman's day of Sharing in Kutztown PA. on April 22 that some of us will be attending. We have put the days events at the sign up table. If you are interested contact Sue L. If money is an issue some people are willing to sponsor you .. confidentially of course. Let us know soon as registration is coming up in the next few weeks. By the way Lois J wants to schedule another Craft Day. Darcy F has provided lots of ideas in the last six months . How about the quilt or crochet animals ? We have received a 100 donation in memory of Jacob Mitchell. Some of you may remember Jacob when he visited the Clubhouse. His mother has given us permission to post her note for all to read. You can find it on the bulletin board at the sign up table. We appreciate the donation .Thank-you. Also Darcy F. thank-you for your constant donation of supplies. Last week we received a large box of garbage bags. Those little things make a big difference. Thanks On a final note, the NA group realized last Saturday that someone has taken 80% of their key tags and half of their books. This group is just getting started so replacing these items will be difficult. We had given them all of the key tags from the group that never reopened after the pandemic and donated some books that had been given to the Clubhouse. If anyone knows anything please let us know and we will pass the information on to the group. In the meantime we changed the locks again! More next week........... ReplyForward

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