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This Week@39 Serenity Place 10/21/22

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hi Everybody,

Time just keeps marching on. October is almost gone and we never made it to the Bill Wilson House. Maybe that first Saturday in November if the weather is nice. Anyone interested? If you have never been it is worth the trip. Just ask the people who made the trek. More on that later....

This Sunday October 23 Ice Cream Steve is celebrating 22 years at the 1 pm AA Meeting. Congrats Steve. We will serve chili for dinner. Anyone want to bring the bread, salad or dessert ? The Sunday dinners are really picking up steam and it is great to see so many people return. Hope to see more of you return this Sunday Welcome back Heidi A, Cuza G. , and Maureen C. It was great to see you. Also welcome to Newcomers Jenn and Andrew.

We have a new Cabbage Roll Fundraiser . This Wednesday October 26 we are making Cabbage rolls and selling them to raise money for the Club House on Saturday October 30 . If you can help Wednesday ( starts at 1pm) call Sue L., or if you would like to pre order let us know. The price is $5.00 for two. Thanks to Karen M who let us use her recipe and will help us make the cabbage rolls.... You know they will be good if Karen is involved!! We need lots of help to make and sell the cabbage rolls so volunteer today !

Last week Sue L. made Turkey Soup and Jim R. brought Canadian Pea soup. We ate that along with grilled cheese and Willie M.s famous salad. We also had cabbage roll casserole. Sue L made Apple crisp since Ice Cream Steve missed it last time and Tina brought a big pan of brownies and a cracker and cheese platter. Thanks Michele P. for setting up for the dinner. I'm not sure who cleaned up but thanks to whoever did. There was a card game . Danny L is still not back so it was Gaeton, R., Delma W, Pam B. and a fourth player!! By the way welcome back Lois J. it was great o see you back at the clubhouse.

The week before Sue L. and Willie M cooked the turkeys and Tina made the gravy!!We had a delicious turkey dinner. In fact, there was not a bit of food left after that dinner. Thanks to Cuza G. and Sylvie M for delivering meals to some of our Clubhouse members who are not able to attend the dinners. After dinner Carol H., Gaeton R., Sue L and new recruit Andrew sat down for a card game. That's right we have w card player. The first game we went easy on him but he caught on to the game so fast we stopped that right away! Hopefully Danny L is back to take his seat at the card table soon! Thanks to Cuza G., Carol H, Josh S., and Tina for cleaning up and taking out the garbage. The nice thing abut the clubhouse is that no one is ever asked to help... people just volunteer. Thanks

Big news: Michelle P and Lois J have volunteered to clean out and set up the store. In fact they have already started weeding through all the new stuff just donated. Stay tuned for updates next week.

Jim R. is celebrating his real birthday at the clubhouse on Sunday October 30. He is cooking a Brisket and we will fill in the side dishes and of course bring the Birthday Cake. Think about what you a may want to bring to complete the dinner.

Newcomer Jenn, Andrew and Tina helped set up and clean out the Meeting room upstairs , You can now use it for Sponsor Meetings or regular meetings or whatever you want. There has been talk of starting up the ongoing puzzle table so if you are interested in that, we have the puzzles. We will also plan the November Movie on Saturday. Any suggestions?

The meetings at the clubhouse are picking up. We have a lot of newcomers so if you have been around a while, stop in to share your experience strength and hope. Also thanks to Sheldon, Julie, Jackie & Al H. and Stacey for stepping in to help with the meetings while almost everyone was out sick except Sara M. who kept it all going to make sure the doors were always open.

By the way congrats John F. on your 8 years earlier in October. I guess you didn't graduate after all!!

More next week ......

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