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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

As promised a two week newsletter! Persistence pays off... we finally have a group of people planning activities, making suggestions, and getting involved in the Clubhouse. Lets keep this momentum going . If you would like to be involved in the planning just let us know. We would be happy to let you help!!

This weekend we will be camping at Coles Creek in Waddington (site 246) beginning Sunday August 14. Some of us will be going to the Jim Brady Picnic at Waddington Beach and then back to our campsite for more food and a campfire. If you want to pitch a tent on our site, let us know and we can make arrangements. If you need a ride to the Jim Brady Picnic, let us know that too. Looks like good weather.. Hope to see many of you there.

Last Sunday we had another small crowd but that didn't stop them from eating all the food. Sue L cooked the chicken and rice. Willie M. made his awesome tossed salad and Sara M. cooked the broccoli. The food was great. Cathy B showed up with homemade cookies and watermelon and that was gone in a flash along with our meager supply of ice cream! Gaeton R. showed up and finally there were enough people interested in a card game which lasted until 5 pm . Clean up was a piece of cake because we finally used the dish washer! By the way, thank for the $100. donation Cathy B.

The Sunday before we celebrated the Three Anniversaries: Delma W. Lois J and Willie M. at our campsite. We had more than enough food thanks to everyone who brought a dish to pass. Thanks Doug K who grilled all the burgers and hotdogs and RuthAnn M who donated her lap for the tray of rolls! It was nice to see some new faces, Don S., Robert J, Angie & Dan D., Charlie C. and Mark S and Betsey R. We ended the night with a campfire ... no s'mores we were too full. Thank-you everyone for helping set up and clean up. The next day Willie M and Delma W. popped out for dinner and a campfire. Remember everyone is welcome at any time.

The Tapping Class offered by Brian M. will be held soon, we are waiting on a few people to return from their travels. Of course we still have to coordinate with Brian M but it will happen.! Lois J wants to organize a a Tye Dye Class and already has a few people interested. The class would be scheduled for a Wednesday early evening. If you want to be part of that let Sue L know. We are still trying to coordinate the Boldt Trip in Alexandria Bay .It seems we are running out of available times so I think we will set a date and hope everyone who wants to go is available. Char B. & Carol H have a craft lined up for Halloween that we could probably schedule for sometime in September. There is also the Annual trip to the Bill Wilson House in Vermont sometime in October. If you have never been we suggest you consider going. We are also going to organize a cleaning the Clubhouse event in the next two weeks. If you haven't volunteered to help.... we may be calling and requesting your help.. Keep your phones on!! We still have the activities we put on hold for the summer.

A reminder that the Clubhouse is intended to be a safe environment for anyone who is on the grounds or in the building. We are all in different stages of recovery so there are bound to be issues that arise. Its how we handle these problems that is important. If you feel there is a problem, please contact us.

There are still some naysayers who believe the clubhouse has organized the AA Meetings. Once again this is not the case... all meetings have been organized by AA Members or were already established and relocated to the Clubhouse. On that note, the noon meetings are going well. Sara M has done a fantastic job organizing and notifying everyone of the format:

Cork the Wine Noon Meeting

Monday - Open Discussion

Tuesday - Big Book Study

Wednesday - Big Book Stories

Thursday - Living Sober Study

Friday- Joe & Charlie Study

Tuesday: AA mtg 7pm Open Discussion

Sunday AA mtg 1 pm Open Discussion

Monday Al-Anon Mtg: 4:30 pm 5:30 pm Step Mtg

Thursday Al-Anon Mtg: 6.00 pm Open Discussion

Woman's Mtg : Wednesday 5pm

More Next Week or two.........

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