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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

 Will be a short update this week.. the garage Sale is taking all our time but am happy it is going better than expected :-) O-O.  Thanks to all the dedicated club members who have pitched in to help. Lois J. ,our Garage Sale Expert ,worked all day yesterday organizing the clothing.  She will be back Friday to continue  ...Sue L was helping too.... unpacking boxes and organizing bins.    By the time they were done you could actually walk in to the building.  Thanks to Doug K. for delivering a piece of furniture, Sue B. for help  putting our signs out and providing water, and  Carl J. for breaking down tables and setting up.  Also to Sandy W., Melissa, Delma W.   Sue B. & Sue L for working all day Thursday  selling stuff and unpacking.  Finally thanks to Top Salesman  Joe G. ... he worked hard all day Thursday selling everything in sight . Lets see what the next two days bring with Willie M., Carol H, Char B., Danny L. and more from Joe G. and Lois J.    Oh and we did get  support from Rebecca T. and Joe . Thanks. All while this is going on, Danny L and Carl C jumped in the car and brought someone to Detox in Gouverneur.  Thanks for everyone's service .  Can't wait to report next week how well we did.  We are off to a very good start. 

Last week we celebrated  Mary A's 2 year Anniversary . Mary was lucky enough to have 12 family members attend the meeting . The food was delicious thanks to Willie M and Darlene. We had more people than expected and ran out of food half way through serving. Thanks to Willie he was able to make a little extra quickly.    Delma made the cake which we served with Ice Sundaes. Yes we still have a little supply left. Maybe one more weekend then we are done until Steve A. returns from the  Summer Sailboat  adventures!  anyway after everyone left  it was so late we never played cards.  Guess who cleaned up the kitchen.. that's right Melissa. Thanks again Melissa.  Many of us were tired because we also went to  Club member Kenny B's Anniversary in Canton for the 9am Meeting.   Welcome back Brian B and welcome  to Newcomer Jesse.  Its always great to see new faces. 

Other news... Carl C. donated a second grill for our cookouts... thanks Carl.  Melissa continues to clean the clubhouse once a week, and Sue B is distributing Clubhouse literature around to various organizations.  Thanks Everyone.  We are still trying to schedule the Tap Dancing and have given up on the Art Class until Fall.  We will be going camping sometime as soon as people stop being sick !!   And Sarah M. has started a Women's Mtg on Thursday Nights at 6pm.  It starts on June 13.  

Don't forget to check out our Website and sign up.  If you have been passing out the bracelets we have more for you  Just ask Sue  L. 

More next week...   John F.

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