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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Spread the Word!!

Sara M is celebrating 27 years on Sunday January 30 at the 1 pm AA Meeting.

We probably will not have a dinner but we will serve Strawberry Shortcake in to go containers, thanks to Ice Cream Steve who donated a ton of disposable containers! Hope to see everyone there.

It has been a slow week at the Clubhouse because of Covid constraints and the cold weather but we still managed to do a few things....

John F and Delma W finished taking down the lights outside and put a timer on the lighted AA and NA symbols . Sue L and Michelle P did a long overdue deep a deep dive cleaning downstairs and set up the new round tables. Willie M told us he is going to donate one more round table for the meeting room so we should be all set . The tables provide better social distancing and ...... we keep the card players out of the main room. Win Win

There will be a 1 pm AA Meeting on Sunday but no dinner. Once the Covid numbers improve we will resume Dinners and Saturday movies. We are also planning a Knitting/Crochet Day sometime soon and have tons of yarn for people to learn the craft. If anyone else would like to organize an activity, let us know. Maybe Char B. will organize another Craft Day for Valentines Day! Her Christmas decorations were so fantastic we can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Also, if you thought you missed the Morse Code Bracelet making night.. you didn't it was postponed until this Wednesday January 26 at 5pm.

Meetings continue to be held at the Clubhouse with Covid Precautions in place. Masks must be worn and if you do not have one , we do right at the sign in table. Also, the soda, water and coffee levels are low. Consider a small donation on the table so that we can easily replenish our supplies. If you are not able to, no worries. The on-line meeting attendance is picking up . See the information below if you would like to attend those meetings. The new Thursday 11:30 meeting Living Sober is really making a difference for the newcomers . Thanks for organizing that meeting Delma W.

Please keep passing out the Clubhouse number: 315-250-7410. As a reminder: Meetings scheduled are: Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Thursdays @ 11:30 am Living Sober AA Group Thursdays @ 6:00 PM Alanon Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open Please join our online meetings. We need support. Monday - Friday at 7:00 PM There is also an On line Alanon Meeting on Tuesdays art noon. - 39 Serenity Place - 39 Serenity Place (We use GoToMeeting, not Zoom, FYI. No codes or numbers needed) more next week.....

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