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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, We have tossed around the idea of getting together for New Years Eve and Day and have decided not to gather on New Years Eve but we will get together on new Years Day for a movie and snacks . New Years Day: January 1st at 1:30 pm at the Clubhouse Movie: Hillbilly Elegy (focus on Addiction and family) followed by discussion. Please bring a snack if you can. We have soda, water, coffee and popcorn. We do not expect a large crowd, however if you think you will attend let us know so that we can change locations if necessary. Maybe we can do more crafts with Char!! Pam B. really is accessing her Girl Scout years to participate in craft activities. Then on Sunday January 2 we will have our regular 1 pm AA meeting followed by lunch . Please bring a dish to pass if you can. naturally card games to follow and maybe crafts with Char. If anyone wants to volunteer, we have to start organizing and cleaning upstairs too. There are still lots of desserts so come on over and help us finish up the sugar! Big News: New Meeting starting at the Clubhouse on January 6 Thursdays @ 11:30. The Meeting will be the Living Sober Group and we have ordered 15 Living Sober Books especially for that Meeting. Check it out and thanks Delma W. for getting the group going. Last week was really busy. On Christmas Eve 25 people attended out dinner and we delivered 7 take out meals. Thanks to everyone who brought a dish to pass, soda, desserts, etc. We had just the right amount of food. Thanks Willie M. who led us in prayer before the meal and Becki B. entertained us with another great game which put a smile on everyone's face and created lots of laughter! Thanks to everyone who helped clean up. Kenny B, Brian B. Gary M., Delma W. Danny L., Michelle P., and David D. Christmas Day was a slightly smaller crowd but of 22 and 5 delivered meals. Fr. Mark joined us and led us in prayer before the meal. Michelle P. made favors for everyone .. its was a nice touch. Of course we had an tons of food which was pretty well devoured and we had an abundance of desserts. Thanks for the huge cookie tray Willie M., Cheesecake Danny L. Two pies Michelle P, Banana dessert Sheldon, Macaroons Gaeton & Lin Lin ,as well as Kenny B. ,Nick L., and Lois J. for their contributions. We did play another game which was a lot of fun and of course there was a card game. Clean up was great with Delma W., Josh S, David D., Jeremy P., Kenny B., Gary M., and anyone else I missed. Fr. Mark even did all the dishes!! Thanks everyone. I almost forgot, we celebrated Josh S. one year anniversary. Kenny B. gave him his coin and Danny L said a few words. Way to go Josh... Keep coming back. The next day December 26 we held our regular AA Meeting and celebrated Mike R.s 3 year anniversary with pizza and wings and lots of desserts!!d Kenny B. gave Mike his coin and we had a regular meeting. Congrats Mike . It was a nice time and again no food was left over. after the meeting and you guessed it... Gaeton, Danny L, Willie M. and Delma W. played cards. Sue L sat in for the second round and then we called it an early evening.. We we all pooped. Meetings went on as scheduled all week and we met a few people who called the clubhouse phone looking for help. Please keep passing out the Clubhouse number: 315-250-7410. Welcome Lizzy we are glad you contacted us. As a reminder: Meetings scheduled are: Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Thursdays @ 11:30 am Getting Sober AA Group Thursdays @ 6:00 PM Alanon Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open Please join our online meetings. We need support. Monday - Friday at 7:00 PM - 39 Serenity Place - 39 Serenity Place (We use GoToMeeting, not Zoom, FYI. No codes or numbers needed) or use a phone and call in:

  1. Call: (669) 224-3412 or (312) 757-3117

  2. Access Code: 856-476-517#

  3. PIN: #

On Fridays we started reading the Twelve and Twelve. Thank-you to the Tuesday Al-anon on line mtg for the 50.00 donation. It is greatly appreciated. And Sara M will be celebrating 27 years the Sunday January 30. More on that next week.

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