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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, Lots to share today as we missed a week of updates due to Thanksgiving . Take a seat John F. it will be longer than usual.... This Sunday December 5 John F is receiving his 7 year coin at the 1pm AA Meeting and we will be eating dinner afterwards. Not sure what the menu is but Willie M., Sue L and Char B. are making plans !! Hope you find time to come out and support John living one day at a time for the past seven years. Congrats John Last week we enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Mary's Social Hall . As usual we had an abundance of food and even though 25 people attended we had more than enough to deliver 5 take-outs and give people food to take home. The food was delicious, thanks to everyone who contributed. It was really nice to see so many people enjoying each others company. After clean up, the die hard card players (except for Gaeton) sat down for a few card games and more dessert. Thanks for letting us use the social Hall Fr. Mark. We were able to spread out comfortably. Then on Sunday we gathered for Turkey Soup after the 1 pm AA Mtg. Sue L and Char B. had a Turkey Soup Cook off. Char B. won when we discovered her soup was all gone. Ice Cream Steve has kept us stocked with a variety of flavors so we finished up some ice cream for dessert ....then the card players took a seat. This time Gaeton was present and ready to play. Thanks to Jim R. who purchased a round table for the clubhouse card players. It was great because the card players were in the meeting room and we could spend time in the TV room without all that noise!! hint hint We are considering purchasing two more round tables as seating would be safer in the meeting room. Sue L and Bill D. are coordinating a Holiday Shopping Spree for the Horizons kids. Hopefully they will find gifts for their family members We are not sure of the date but will keep you posted if you would like to help us out. Michelle P and Lois J have already volunteered to help out but we could use a few more people to help at the wrapping station and serve refreshments. There is a lot to get ready so any help at all is appreciated. John F. has volunteered to decorate the clubhouse for the Holidays. Who wants to help? This weekend sound like a good idea since John will be at the clubhouse anyway. How about all you pickle ball players!! Anyone who wants to help let us know. John is sure to make it lively. ... he just can't help himself. Char B. has scheduled her Craft Fundraiser for Saturday December 11. She has a great idea and we will be sending out a separate flyer detailing this event. Finally two weeks ago Michelle P made a 15 bean soup for the Sunday meal that was really good. Danny L did make an Instapot meal and I can't remember what it was!! Willie M. made his awesome salad and Delma W. made the corn bread. And to our surprise , St Johns Church brought over the left over ham ands scalloped potatoes so there was plenty of food to go around. Thanks to all the cooks. Also on Saturday , 25 clubhouse members enjoyed a meal from the folks at St. John's Church. It was take out so Michelle P and Sue L were there to help identify members and deliver the food. Thanks for always including us in these wonderful dinners. As a thank-you were are assembling a team of people to help clean the pews at St. Johns Church. Sue L has already started the list so if you would like to be included give her a call. Current Meetings scheduled at the Clubhouse : Please join anytime. Use the back door and wear a mask. If you do not have one we have a box at the sign in table. If you need a ride give us a CALL ON THE CLUBHOUSE PHONE 315-250-7410 Mondays @ 4:30 PM Al-Anon ; Al-Anon Step Work 5:30 PM Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm PM AA Open Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm Woman's Mtg. Open ( Last week we ate dinner after the meeting. !! Thanks Karen M. ) Sundays @ 1:00 Pm AA Open There are two meetings in the works for sometime soon. Watch for details. *Reminder: There are still on line mtgs using the gotomtg app. See our website for details. More next week.....

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