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This Week @ 39 serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Can you believe it! Two consecutive weeks we have news ! John F. will have to start scheduling reading times to catch up!

This Sunday Jim R has planned our 2 pm Sunday Dinner immediately following the 1pm AA Mtg. He is the new Hotdog man ( like the one near Paul Smiths College) He is cooking up a bunch of beef hotdogs with a variety of toppings and he is even warming up the hotdog buns . Now that is service We all just have to bring a dish to pass if we can. Now if we could just find Ice Cream Steve and tell him Sunday dinners are back on. No doubt he is off sailing ..... the high seas! Hope we see more faces this week .

Last week, Willie M opened the Clubhouse for the first 1pm AA Sunday Meeting in a long long time. Since people are not used to coming we figured a handful of people would show up and to our surprise 13 people attended. It was a great start to our re opening. Josh S. sponsored our Sunday Subs and Salads meal and did a great job organizing the food. Naturally by the time we were finished there was hardly any food left. Sue L. forgot about desert but not to worry, three people brought sweet treats Good lesson... Trust in your Higher Power, it always works out. The people came and we had dessert!!! Cathy B. brought a variety of cookies , Tangie brought cocoanut macaroons, and Becki B brought pineapple upside down cake. Clean up was a breeze thanks to Char B. and paper plates . Thanks for all your help everyone. Maybe this week we can set up the tables outside if it isn't raining. Gaeton R. was not there so no card game... but lots of conversations . Becki B continued to organize the store and we actually sold some items so it was a win win all the way around.

This past Monday Tangie volunteered to help clean up and organize the clubhouse. It is a big project. We spent two hours and really have the downstairs in good shape. We even cleaned the basement landing ... Next we need help reorganizing the kitchen. Any volunteers. ?Thanks Tangie, I think we both lost about ten pounds sweating... If you stop in, check out our new coffee station Michelle P. put together. It is much much efficient and cuts down on the traffic in the kitchen. Good idea Michelle.

Other news: It was great to see Mark S. and Betsy R. pop in last week. We received a fifty dollar donation in memory of Shawn Nicol and Josh S. has been called upon again to help out at St Johns Church. So things are moving along and by Fall we hope to be back up and running all the time. In the meantime, if you have an activity you would like to plan, want to meet with your sponsor or need a place to go, call the Clubhouse Phone to make arrangements. 315-250-7410

Meeting List:

Monday 4:30pm Alanon

Tuesday 7pm AA Open

Thursday 6pm Alanon

Sunday 1 pm AA Open

More next week .........

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