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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, We have a little news! This Friday marks one year the Clubhouse has conducted meetings on line. Thanks to John B who faithfully opens up the meeting every day (except Saturdays) go buy yourself a piece of cake and help us celebrate this Friday at our 7 pm Big Book Meeting. Use the gotomtg app and use code: 846476517 . We hope to resume meetings at the Clubhouse this Fall if all goes as predicted. But you never know.... until then all meetings are at 7pm Monday-Friday and Sunday @1PM. using the gotoapp and code ab St Johns Church has invited the Clubhouse Members to another "to Go" Dinner this Saturday March 20. Thirty five people signed up for a Baked Ziti Dinner which is more than the last Fall when we were treated to a dinner. That's because the word spread that the cooks are fantastic and the food is delicious. Beyond that though it comes at a great time when people are experiencing the winter blues and fatigue from Covid 19 . So this is a great pick me up for many of us. Thanks to Kenny B. for delivering to our out of town members and Sue B for contacting some our our members. Sue L will be delivering to some our in town members Becki B. is still working on the Clubhouse Store and gave the me the following information to pass along. Becki will meet with people at the clubhouse and has already met with a few people and will gladly set up a time to meet with anyone. Thanks for all your work Becki. she is looking for people to help her clean out and organize the attic. Contact Becki B or Sue L if you have some time. SURPRISING SPRING SPECIALS Remember the money you spend at the recovery store, will get you fantastic bargains and even more. There are many items one-of-a-kind, you'll appreciate the gifts that you can find. Buy for a friend, a relative, or even yourself, make an appointment & see what's on each shelf. HERE'S A BRIEF LIST OF SOME OF THE ITEMS FOR SALE: CARING CARDS - ALL KINDS (Anniversary, baby, birthday, friendship, get well, thank you, thinking of you, sympathy, wedding Recovery cards with slogans, sayings, etc. DELIGHTFUL DECOR - lamps, vases, knickknacks, coasters, wall hangings GREAT GADGETS & APPLIANCES - Coffee maker, toaster, iron, pasta machine, Turbo Roaster JAZZY JEWELRY - Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, sets, key rings KIDS' KORNER - Activity & coloring books, puzzles, crayons, pencils, flash cards, teddy bears, craft items KITCHEN KORNER- Silverware holder, mugs, bowls, knives, silverware, napkins, pitcher, trays REMINDERS OF RECOVERY - Books, God Jar, mugs, hanging, Serenity Plaque prayer, set of Dear God books for kids HOLIDAY HANGOUT - what else, but Easter items? PRETTY PURSES WONDERFUL WALLETS AUDIO TAPES PAPERBACKS 7 HARD COVER BOOKS NAIL POLISHESSOME COSMETICS FRAMES BECKI B will be at the clubhouse TUES, WED, and SAT (23RD, 24TH, and the 27TH) DUE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING ETC. ONE NEEDS TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND WEAR A MASK. CALL 951-255-6398 TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT. TIMES WILL BE LIMITED. HOPEFULLY WE'LL GET A RALLYING RESPONSE TO THIS EVENT. Finally we hear Gary M. is gearing up for another Clubhouse Garage Sale sometime this Spring. Watch for details and if you can help out we always need help. People are starting to celebrate their anniversaries at our online meetings. Congrats to John B and Danny L for their March anniversaries. . if you would like to celebrate just let us know and we can set it up. Just last week Cuza G. spoke at Danny L. 29 yr anniversary and Theron gave him his coin. So it can de done!! Thanks everyone for the donations. More next week.......or month or whenever we have news

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