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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

It seems we are in a holding pattern at the clubhouse and have not scheduled any activities for the rest of the month. This in large part due to the spike in cases in St. Lawrence County. If the numbers decline as they appear to be, we might schedule our Monthly Dinner in February. Maybe around Valentines Day? The event would be held at St. Mary's Parish Hall where we can spread out, use the overhead fans, and have plenty tables to eat at a distance. We would bring a dish to pass and all cooking would be done separately in our homes. Anyone who is not comfortable, that is okay..... Sue L and Michele P. deliver meals ! Let us know what you think.

Although Fr. Mark and Sylvie M. offered us the Parish Hall for Super Bowl Sunday we have decided against organizing this event for the same reasons we did not organize anything in January. We also have not been holding our Saturday Afternoon Movie even though John B. tried to set it up on line ... it proved to be too difficult for most of us to participate.

This does not mean the Clubhouse cannot be used during this crisis. Anyone who would like to meet with their Sponsor or would like to visit the Store Becki B worked so hard on please feel free. Maybe a small group would like to do crafts or play cards... All of this is possible in small numbers. If you are interested , let us know and we will review the Covid protocol for the clubhouse with you . There is room for a small group to spread out and we have fans and all the cleaning supplies needed. It might help with the lack of motivation or winter blues many already feel during the winter months or its just nice to get together.. Whatever the reason it is an option available to you.

We had a wonderful New Years Day dinner at St Mary's Parish Hall. Thank you to Michelle P, Char B, Delma W, Josh S, and Nick L. for setting up , serving the food and clean up. Char B and Delma W have the food serving organized and well thought out for Covid protocol Thanks . Also thankyou to all the cooks Carol H, Sue L, Char B ,Delma W ,and Giesla H. We delivered ten meals so remember it is an option for the next dinner.

Some of our 65 plus and Essential workers Clubhouse members started getting their vaccines. Please check in on our older members and ask if they received their vaccine or if you could help them schedule one or provide a ride. Isolation does affect sobriety and this is a great service for the clubhouse members. Some of us have already begun this effort.

We have received many wonderful donations from our clubhouse members over the last year. It has been such a relief to know that we can keep going because of everyone's generosity . Thank-you. We took a little break from our fundraising efforts and in March we will start again. We have no idea how long this will last so until then please contribute what you can. Again thank-you to John B. for maintaining the website and keeping the gotomtg app running. Code 856476517 .Meetings are Monday thru Friday @ 7pm. and Sundays at 1 pm.

More sometime soon......

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