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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,    Time for another clubhouse update!   We have two weeks worth of news so John F. take a seat.  This Sunday the 1 pm AA Meeting will be held at the Beach in our usual spot.  We are not sure if it will be too cold but will give it a try and ask the group what they would like to do for  future meetings.  We can always meet outside at the clubhouse!   Bring a chair  and your own beverage. If there is interest we can organize a picnic... just let Sue L know if you are interested.    Also wear a mask !  Hope to see many of you there and remember is sweater weather  for most of us!!!! Then the following week Gary M has organized a  Fabulous Fall Finds Garage Sale for the Clubhouse.  Next Friday September 25 and Saturday September 26. Becki B has organized tons of clothes and fall items  and Gary is bringing in a U-Haul with all kinds of stuff to sell.  We have had a lot of donations so again a little for everyone . Stop by and check it out.  I hear there may be food there as well!  Thanks for all the hard work Gary and Becki B. &  Gary  M. could use a little help if you have some spare time.   Again Wear a Mask!  We had some exciting news last week.  Community Bank NA  Massena Branch donated $250.00 to the Clubhouse to help us keep the doors open.  Thank-you for thinking of us!! Also we received a $500.00 check from John & Sue Burnett , Danny L raised $215.00   in donations for his birthday  and we received an anonymous check for 450.00 .This  does not include the donations we continue to receive from our members. This has been a wonderful and welcome surprise and surely takes the pressure off to keep the clubhouse going through the pandemic.  Thank-you to everyone who supports our cause to provide a safe place for alcoholics and addicts  in recovery .  Last week we held our second annual Golf Tournament.    The tournament was a watered down version of last year but we still managed to have a good time... despite the pouring down rain . Although teams have until the 30th to turn their scores in  it looks like we will make a good amount of money. Well over what we had anticipated  stay tuned...   A few teams opted to play another time but the ones who showed up were good sports and seemed to enjoy themselves.   Karen M provided the meal to go:   Lazagna which received rave reviews.   Thanks Karen and Michelle P for working on that and  thanks to Michelle P for putting the gift bags together . Finally  Thanks Bill D. for encouraging Danny L to move forward with the tournament and Danny L for pulling it together at the last minute.   Two weeks ago we had a Labor Day Picnic and Meeting our at the Beach. We were so surprised to have 40 plus people show up for the meeting. Lots of room to spread out thankfully.  Char B and Sue L set u p the meal and char and Willie M cooked all the hamburgers and hotdogs.  We had more than enough food and the hit of the day was Sara M.'s mac & cheese . thanks everyone who contributed to  the picnic.   Gary M ,following Becki B. tradition, organized the Prize the Game ...  it was again hysterical  especially when Delma opened her package and loved the gift... ask her what it was if you see her.  Thanks for all the hard work Gary. Card games will not be deterred by this pandemic ... Gaeton R. brought the cards and a card game started right after  Gary's game... The meetings last week were cancelled due to the outbreak in Massena.  We will open  this week for the Tuesday AA Mtg. at 7 pm. Please wear a mask and follow the check in procedure.  Hope to see you there.  The virtual meetings are still going on every night M- F. at 7pm.  Please join us at Gotomeeting:  856476517  If there is interest in opening another meeting at the clubhouse contact to Sue L.  The Board will be meeting the first week in October to discuss opening the clubhouse to more than one meeting a week  and possible during the day if there is interest.  All the furniture from the clubhouse is removed except chairs and TV tables se six feet apart.  We have discussed a Drive By Dinner on Sunday  or sitting outside at the clubhouse  to eat dinner  .. any interest?  More next week ... or the week after !

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