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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody: 

Its that time of year where I can't find  enough hours in the day...  

Here is what is happening this weekend

This Saturday December 14th Rebecca T. is celebrating 35 years!!   Rebecca is celebrating at the Former Lulus Restaurant on Rte. 56 . Spaghetti Dinner starts at 5pm followed by a Speaker Mtg and Dance.  Kenny B and Tom S. are speaking .Congratulations Rebecca... she only wanted to come in out of the cold 35 years ago and she stayed sober anyway!! 

Then on Sunday December 15th Mike R. and Darlene are celebrating one year at the 1pm AA Mtg . Danny L will be speaking . We will serve and ham and scalloped potato dinner at 2pm. Thanks to  Bob F. who donated the ham and Karen M for cooking the scalloped potatoes. Please bring a dish to pass as we expect a bigger crowd  and don't want to run out of d food! .  Congratulations to both Mike and Darlene.  

Tonight at  7pm the  Women's Craft Group is making ornaments for the Nursing Home Residents. We meet right after the Women's 6pm Mtg.   Bring craft supplies like scissors, glue guns, etc. It is a lot of fun so we hope to see you there.  By the way we put the presentation from the Renewal House on hold until after the holidays.  It is getting very busy for everyone so we decided to wait  Look for details in January. 

Movie Night ( Day) is still going strong.  This Saturday the featured movie is from Harlem to Harvard. A true story about survival in the midst of the Family Disease of addiction and mental illness.  We start at 2pm and yes popcorn is served... Carl makes really good popcorn. Last week we watched Pay It Forward and many of us had forgotten the movie revolves around generational alcoholism.  It was a touching movie and we feel could be shown again to many of our members who were unable to attend.  As always Kenny B. leads a good discussion after the movie and many of us feel as though we attended a meeting.    See you this week.  If you have suggestions let Sara M, Mike R. or Kenny B. know.  We started a list so each week we can pick the movie for next week.  The week before this we watched Basket ball Diaries  thanks to Mike R.'s suggestion.  It was a powerful movie that lead to a  great discussion . We are averaging 15 people and have room for more as we continue to rearrange the furniture constantly !!

Last Week: 

A big thank-you to Heidi A, Tom S. and Michelle P for decorating the clubhouse.  Michelle decorated both trees and Heidi and Tom did the rest. Stop in to see what they did if you get a chance. It looks great.  Also don't forget  we have the store upstairs if you are looking for gifts at a reasonable price . Michelle P. and  Lois J have done a wonderful job keeping up with that and we are slowly selling things every week.  By the way Michelle P continues to clean the clubhouse and could use a little help if you have some free time. Also, Tom S is trying to organize volunteers to keep the clubhouse open during the week. Thanks Tom. 

We also celebrated two women who reached thirty days  of continuous sobriety. Congrats to Michelle and Kayla. .Any reason to eat more cake right?   

Sunday dinners continue to increase  in numbers.  Last week we ate Chili and Rice thanks to Darlene . Of course Ice cream Steve never disappoints and we now have a nice selection to choose from every week. 

The week before was Thanksgiving and 35 people showed up for dinner. We did not expect such a large crowd and ran out of food.  Carol H, carefully served the turkey mashed potatoes and gravy . People wanted more and she said no!!  Thanks Carol.  Next time we will cook two turkeys and double the mashed potatoes.   Very few leftovers  this year which made cleanup a little easier.  Thanks to all the cooks and food donations and of course Joe S. our resident Kitchen cleaner. After dinner people hung around and played cards, watched  football and cleaned up. It really was a nice day. The next day after the Friday Night AA Mtg. ,Maureen C. did stop in to see us while she was in town.  It was great to see you Maureen. Stop in again.  On  Sunday  we served Turkey soup thanks to Sue L.and no left overs again!!  

 Don't forget our two raffles.  # Vera Bradley bag sets worth 100 each  and a bike worth 200. We areonly selling a limited amount of tickets and they are going fast. See Sue L, Rebecca T, Annabel, or stop by the clubhouse.  The money  all goes to operational expenses so it is for a good cause.  Consider it a donation to the Clubhouse !!!

We will be serving dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and will remain open through out the day if people want to stop in for a break.  Let us know if you plan on attending.  Everyone is welcome. 

More next week.....

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