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Hi Everybody, 

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us.  The weeks just keep running into each other!  That's because the Clubhouse is so active!!

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Clubhouse starts at 2pm.

Sue L is cooking the turkey, stuffing, mashed, cranberry sauce and Gravy, Sara M is on the Squash, Rebecca T  made hash, and Michelle P  is cooking baked beans, sweet potato pie and  beans and cabbage salad. We have beans, corn & and broccoli for vegetables. The Valley Recovery Center made pies and tarts for dessert.  So  if you bring a dish to pass you know what not to bring!!  We need Ice cream!! Thanks to everyone who donated food and time to the clubhouse.  Stop by earlier  if you want.  The doors will open at Noon and people will be hanging out all day.  We will have the Men's and Women's Meeting at 6pm but craft night is cancelled....   By the way if you want to watch Football we have a larger TV and a second one in the Meeting room. We will move the card players so that games can be watched in peace!!   Hope to see everyone sometime through out the day.  Maybe Maureen C will be in town and pop in !!

The Clubhouse has had a thorough cleaning thanks to Michelle P. It looks great  Thanks Michelle.  She also cleaned out the fridge with the help of Sue L. It is empty and ready for Thanksgiving leftovers! Sara M and Mike R. cleaned out the Freezer and that is ready for holiday foods as well.  Thanks guys  it was not a fun job but so needed.    

Last Saturday at Movie Night( which is actually during the day)  13 people showed up to watch Flight.  Of course we had popcorn and soda and Danny and Sue L brought the pizza . After the Movie Kenny B.  lead a  great discussion  on the impact the movie had on us.  It was like a meeting by the end of the discussion. It really had an impact on newer people . The popcorn machine and soda is all ready for  this Saturday.  We will be watching  Basketball Diaries . I am sure there will be lots of leftovers .....desserts too!

Have you heard about  the new raffle?  Randy B., who is new to the Clubhouse, donated a Bike worth $200.00 for us to raffle off for Christmas.  Tickets are $5.00 each as many as you want!!  The bike is on display at the clubhouse.  Also on display at the clubhouse are the Vera Bradley Bag sets we are raffling off.  Only 50 tickets will be sold for each set and we are selling like crazy so get your tickets ASAP.  Tickets are also $5.00 each for this raffle.  Some people want to win for a Christmas Gift  others want to win for themselves....   I wonder how it breaks down with Al-Anon and AA Members ... just saying... 

The Clubhouse received a check from the Elks Club to help with purchase of food for the Holidays. We are so grateful for the help.  Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New Years Day are all covered . So now we just have to fill in with side dishes. Thanks for the generosity . Yesterday Sue L and Michelle P went shopping and purchased the food and soda etc.  After two hours Sue L was pooped and Michelle was just getting started.. Maybe next year this task should be given to the shopping lovers!! 

The New TV is up and running. Thanks to Randy B and Carl C. for putting it up and putting the smaller TV in the meeting Room. It took a while but it is securely fastened to the wall and people love it.  Mike R.  programmed  everything on one clicker so that we will no longer have a problem with turning the TV on and guess what...  it is screwed up all ready so Mike is back re-programming everything.  Also a big thanks to the Board for approving the purchase of the TV.   

Christmas Decorating will begin this weekend. Stop in if you want to help. No set times . We will just be getting all the decorations out of the attic and people can do whatever they want to do...  We are also organizing all the craft supplies and setting up in the attic.  We need help with that too.  

Finally, Mike R. and Darlene  will celebrating one year on Sunday December 15 at the 1 pm AA Meeting.  Rebecca T is celebrating 35 years  and details about her celebration will be announced.   

Last Week  we wanted to make lunch simple because of the Thanksgiving dinner.  So Darlene made subs,  Becki B made a noodle salad,  Michelle a Cabbage salad and Sue L brought the chicken soup. the food was gone in half an hour.  Michelle P also made a cake and Randy B brought cookies. WE put out all the ice cream to clean it up and we did!  Now when  Ice Cream Steve A returns we have room in the freezer.    

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone    more next week...... 

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