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This Week @ 39Serenity Place

Hi Everybody, 

A quick note to update everyone about clubhouse events !   Actually a lengthy note ......

Tuesday Night New Years Eve the Clubhouse will be open all day and through midnight!  Sarah and Mike R. want to see the ball drop at midnight along with Char and a few others!!  Kenny B suggested Alkathon  for 24 hours... so if people stop in and need a meeting, it will happen.  The Tuesday Night 7:30 Meeting is still on.   Most likely we will serve pizza and wings Tuesday Night.  Some people will be going to Canton for the AA Mtg and Dance . If you need a ride let us know. 

We will also be open all on New Years Day all day. Dinner is at 2 pm and right now that is a surprise!!  We have two turkeys but people are tired of turkey dinner so we will figure it out by then. Show up with a dish to pass if you can!!

The Saturday Night Movie this week , January 4th at 2 pm  is:  When a Man Loves A Women. There is always something to eat and of course we all know how to make the popcorn so no worries there!  Last week we watched Clean and Sober and had a great discussion    following the movie . Please encourage new people to attend as the movies really address the beginning stages of sobriety. If you are an old timer it is a good reminder of the early struggles.  Hope to see you all there  this Saturday. We are steady with 12-15 attendees every week.  

There will be a Sunday Dinner after the 1 pm AA Meeting this week  and then many of us  will examine our waistlines!  We have been celebrating a lot this past 6 weeks with Holiday& Anniversaries  & Sunday Dinners.  Lots of cakes cookies candy , chips  etc  along with the dinner!!  We still have two gallons Ice Cream thanks to Ice Cream Stev