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This Week @ 39 Serenity Plce

Hi Everybody, 

Although it has been a slow week we do have some news to report.  

First congratulations to Doug M and Katherine on the birth of their little boy.  Both Doug and Katherine were at the clubhouse Monday night , they left and 3 hours later the baby had arrived!!   Also, we are  grateful Sarah M. sailed through her surgery this past Tuesday and is now home. She assures us she will be back around in ten days.... we hope so.  Thanks for the updates Mike.

Last Sunday we had a great Spaghetti dinner with Willie's famous Salad, Delma's homemade bread and baked beans, Lois's Italian Salad, Becki's Surprise Salad, and  Darlene's awesome Chicken Soup. Darlene's soup was so good we made containers  to go for people. Ice Cream Steve A was not there but we cleaned the six half gallons of ice cream pretty good and anxiously await this weeks surprise flavor.  I almost forgot Roxanne made delicious brownies which were definitely  hidden from Bob M!! Sorry Bob... you can have the Tim Horton doughnuts  Rebecca brought over.  As you can guess Gaetan strolled in for a card game and Dave from Ogdensburg joined in  along with Bob M and Danny L. so it was a real old timer Card game!!  And when players changed,Charlie stepped in and the Old timer table continued playing. ... We were happy to see Eric F. return and welcome to newcomers Jason T. and Tom.  Thanks to Darlene and Roxanne for cleaning the kitchen. It always appreciated.!! It was a great crowd on Sunday.  Stop in this Sunday if you have a chance.  

By the way, apologies to Sandy W. I forgot to mention her donation of a huge pan of macaroni salad.  The entire pan was gone by the end of the day and Bob M. was not even around!! Thanks Sandy it was delicious.  The Store is starting to sell items again and we made a few dollars last week.  If you have donations bring them to the clubhouse. "Dishes and clothing are popular items right now.  

This week Lois J. brought  Geisla the Clubhouse for the first time. She liked the clubhouse so much donated oranges, nectarines, bananas, and chocolate bars to the Clubhouse. Help yourself to anything except the chocolate which we hid on Bob M.... again!   The next day we received a  250.00 monetary donation for the Clubhouse.  It seems our Speakers for Shattering the Stigma affected many people as our donations have really increased since the series started.  We are planning another one in the fall so if you are wiling to speak let Sue L. know. 

We have finally scheduled Back to Basics with Kenny B and Becki B. . This time there will be two two hours sessions on Sunday April 28 and Sunday May 5.  The first class will be from 1-2, then a break to eat and a second class form 3-4 pm.  This will be the schedule for two weeks.   Let us know if you are interested we already have some people signed up but there is room for more.  I have also attached the flyer to this email . 

Don't forget to check out  our new Website:  39 and we remember we have guest Wifi when you are at the clubhouse. We still  have not scheduled the Craft Class and the Pancake Day.  But  plans are underway for Easter Dinner and the Easter Egg Hunt. 

 As always could use some help keeping the clubhouse open especially now that it is nice outside and people are out and about. Besides Carl C. is still making popcorn  24-7!  

More next week .........

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