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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue Laprade Hi Everybody, Yup its been crazy busy at the clubhouse the last three weeks. We couldn't be more thankful for the activity and participation. John F. will surely need to get the rocking chair out for this newsletter! We are thankful we have so many volunteers to help coordinate all that is involved in planing activities. thank-you to everyone . As Always there will be a Dinner after the 1 PM AA Meeting this week. We have decided to serve leftovers from the Chicken Rigitoni, Chicken Alfredo and Spaghetti diners John C cooked for the Clubhouse this last month. We also have hamburgers and hotdogs Char B. donated and I am sure we will be stocked up on ice cream and desserts if Delma W, Pat O. and Stacey S are around. And there will be a card game as Stacey S. and Gaeton R. have been on a winning streak playing pitch and Danny L & Steve are in hot pursuit of reclaiming their winning status. It might be a slower Sunday because Football season has started and well you know..... can't miss a minute of that! In the last three weeks we have received a few calls from the community asking for our help. I am pleased to report we have had Clubhouse members volunteer to help out everytime! Keith and Austin handled the popcorn and cotton candy at the Methodist Church Childrens Event . Austin and Tim stripped, waxed and buffed the Methodist Church floor, Sue L cleaned the Community Center Kitchen and we will soon be going to the Episcopal Church to clean and will go back to the Community Center to clean once a month . This is in addition to all of the volunteers at the Clubhouse cleaning. Rebecca T. helped sweep and mop the floors, Jonathan is always cleaning the clubhouse where ever he sees a need. Last Sunday he cleaned the bathroom and swept the floors . Scotty always takes out the garbage and Char and Delma do whatever is needed almost every week. Gaeton R and Danny L do their part to... they keep those card games going consistently!! Last week we finally made to Alexandria Bay.(thanks to an Anonymous Donor we were able to take twenty people.) We first stopped at the AA Meeting , spent two hours hanging around Alex Bay where some of the guys played in a Human Chess Game, went on a two hour Boat Tour and then stopped at Boldt Castle. It was really a good day. The weather was beautiful, everyone was positive, and no one complained about all the pictures Sue L insisted on taking!! By the way thanks to Drivers Willie M, Kenny B., Sue & Danny L, and Char B. . Eleven of us left in time to go to Gaetons 32 Anniversary that night. Needless to say everyone was pretty tired after a very long day !! The next day John C. and John S. cooked a Spaghetti Dinner for Danny L's B-day. John C makes the best sauce! Karen M. donated all kinds of food. Stacey S. and Delma W. made cakes and Pat O. brought in delicious fudge . Thanks to Delma W and Char B for setting up and cleaning up. Much appreciated as always .Yes there was a card game. I'm not sure who played or who won but I know mainstays Gaeton R and Danny L were at the table and I did see Father Mark playing cards ... Some of the guys were anxious to get back to Canton because the football game was on but they were with Kenny B so they patiently waited... and waited.... and waited.... until he was ready to go! Two weeks ago Sue L had a big surprise when the Clubhouse recognized her work for at the Clubhouse. It was Danny L's idea but he enlisted Char B to make it happen. As you know Alanon members take over and it happens ... Danny must have rememered that! Stacey S was also involved in the event planning the food and making a delicious carrot cake. Pam B made Sues favorite dish... Meatloaf. Thanks Pam it was delicious. Darcy F. presented Sue with a beautiful plaque, Stacey had a stash ( which Sue could not bring herself to wear) and lots of people gave her gifts of appreciation. Karen M. orderd tons of pizza and Char B and Karen M brought that game again that we all love to play! We had a crowd of 52 people that day and it was wonderful to see Sandy W., Marie & Louise T., Jody R., Ashley A., & Andrew S. Keep coming back . Thanks to everyone for their thoughtfuless. Although I may coordinate alot of the activity there are many people behind the scenes doing all kinds of work. Thank -you to all of those people as well. There are just too many to name and I sure don't want to forget anyone. A week ago we were camping at ColesCreek again and had a big crowd for Labor Day. Eddie helped Danny L set up the Campsite while Kenny B and Sue L picke dup the guys at NCFH. Keith did all the cooking and Char set everything up because Sue L, Jonathan, Dave and Tyler had to go swimming it was so hot. ( soon to be followed by Austin and Tim) Rebecca T. brought the "good" coffee... only Tims for her! Willie M brought really good corn onthe cob, Carol H the snacks, and Delma the baked beans. It was quitge a feast. Afterward the entire group sat down to read a chapter of the first 164 pages. It made quite an impression on Jabu as he couldnt eat his ice cream sandwhich and concentrate at the same time. We had to put the ice cream back in the frezzer for him ! Austin made a fire, there were s'mores, two card games going, and then some people left. Danny L. always seems to fall by the fire and this year was no exception. He sat on a pile of wood and rolled right off and down the hill. Hysterical Danny ... thanks for a good laugh before we found out if you were ok!! There was a week I missed somewhere where we ate subs at the Clubhouse. Not eventful and an easy lunch to prepare. Although there wasn't a drop of food left after this meal so it must have been good! Maybe that was the dy they set up a pickleball match inthe parking lot on one of the hotttest days of the summer! People played though. Other news: John B just gave us Clubhouse T-shirts and mugs Thanks John. We are trying to decide how to distribute them. We recived a two humdred, 125, and 100 dollar donation and Doug K has donated some items for us to rafle off. We will get that organized soon. Char B is discussing possible Cabbagge Roll sale dates with Karen M. for a fundraiser. and Pat O received word that we were denied selling cookies etc. at the Massena Downtown Event in October. Thanks for trying Pat it was a good idea. Also thanks to Pat for opening, closing, and checking on the building all the time. He has become a real asset to the Clubhouse. Did you notice that Darcy F. finished the other side of the sign? Thanks Darcy, it looks great. Big thanks to Kenny B., Patti H., Char B. and Sue L for bringing NCFH people to the meetings . Finally we will get the 10 year Anniversary planned and we will go to the Bill Wilson House in October and we will start another 164 page reading . More next week...

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