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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue Laprade

Hi Everybody, We have had a great September at the clubhouse ! Thanks to everyone that has helped with our hectic pace. Now on to October where we might slow down a bit as we move inside .... as Eddie G told us, we need to recouperate . Really Eddie? The Old Timers are Hanging in there !! I guess you'll have to get out the rocking Chair with John F. This Sunday October 1 Darcy & Adam F. volunteerd to bring the dinner after the 1 pm AA Meeting. Darcy just notified us they will be setting up a Taco Bar along with a Soup or Chili. That just leaves dessert. Any volunteers? ( Let's hope Pat O beings more of his mouthwatering fudge or his cookies. hint hint ). I'm sure there will be a card game after the meeting. Stacey S. has been busy the last few weeks so she has lost her championship status and she is not happy about that! If Char B and Delma W are around they may even set up up the out door pickleball nets. I know Tired Eddie G, Jonathan S., Steve, and Austin are all ready play. Maybe we will even see Chef John C. this Sunday..... and convince him to cook next Sunday ! Now that the weather is changing and people are moving inside, stop by the Clubhouse Saturday afternoons. The NA Meeting starts at noon and then people just seem to hang around the last three Saturdays . There have been impromptu lunches , Sponsor/Sponsee meetings, Big Book Readings and of course Gaeton R. may show up to play cards.., then there is Kenny B and the guys from NCFH.... We have been considering resuming the Saturday Movie and discussion. AA, NA, and Al-Anon all participate and listening to all three pionts of view is really enlightening. Of course there will be popcorn and snacks too. We are also staying busy on Fridays. The Joe and Charlie mtg is at noon is very popular and then people usually stay around until the Big Book Reading at 5pm. Then on Monday, there is a Noon mtg, and then Sponsors are meeting with their sponsees ( we have two private rooms) , there is the 4:30 Al-Anon Mtg, followed by another Big Book Reading at 6pm. This is important because some new people are stopping in wanting to talk with someone and if we can increase our open hours we are fulfilling a goal of the clubhouse. Tired Eddie will be setting up hours sometime in October so we need a few more volunteers to help out. So far, Pat O, Kenny B, Rebecca T, Sue L., Delma W. and Char B. are helping out. And as we already noted in previsou newsletters, Gaeton R and Danny L are doing their part keeping the card games going. We have had some really good Sunday meals the last two weeks. One week we pulled out all the left over Chef John C dishes of Chicken Alfredo, Spaghetti and Chicken Rigatoni. Along with fresh vegatables from Sue L garden. Carrots, peas, tomatoes cucumbers and hot peppers. Delma W made a rice and bean dish and Willie M. brought two dozen doughnuts for dessert,which he hid from the meeting goers. However Rebecca T brought in another dozen doughnuts for the meetings aso all was right with the world after all. The next week we had hamburgers and hotdogs thanks to Char B, Willie M made his awesome salad, we had fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and hot peppers along with potato salad. Stacey S. made a great Almond cake and Pat O brought delicious brownies. One of those weeks Eric F. brought a dessert but I can't rememer what... sorry Eric. Pat O also brought in fudge which is becoming a crowd favorite among the non diabetics! Thank-you to Racheal, Keith A. and Eric F. for cleaning up the last two weeks. It is sure nice when evryone pitches in to help. Also to Willie M for grilling all the hamburgers and hotdogs and Keith A and Austin for dragging the Grill from behnd the building and back again. Thank-you to drivers, Char B, Kenny B , Patti H and Sue L for picking up people Friday, Saturday ,Sunday and Monday. We appreciate everything everyone is doing to help. Big News... John coming to town and wil be celebrating 9 years on Sunday October 8. Then Keith A is celebrating one year on Sunday October 22 . Keith has already asked Tired Eddie to speak for him and requested lemon merangue pie and cheese cake so we will put Stacey S and Dany L right on that order! John F just wants sugar so that won't be to hard! Maybe Ice Cream Steve will be back by then. Eden from Alanon recently celebrated 13 years and Carol H spoke and Sheila W made dessert. Carol gave a great talk on her evolution of acceptance and Shelia's dessert as always was spectacular. It was all going well until Char noticed Sue L brought a Sympathy card instead of congratulations. Lois J had donated all occassion cards too ... if only Sue L had remembered!. A big Thank-you to Austin for working with Sue L at the Community Center cleaning. The donation we receive for the clubhouse always helps out. Also a huge Thank-you to the Thursday Night AA Group in Massena. They recently donated Big Books and the Twelve & Twelve books to our Big Book Reading Groups. We are reading to so many people we can't keep up with getting the books. We have two new big Book Reading groups scheduled in Mid October. Thanks for getting us started Rebecca T. If you have never read the Big Book all are welcome. Including Old Timers some of who are really enjoying reading the book again. the discussions with newcomers and Oldtimers has been motivating for everyone. Pat O is quickly becoming our Fundraising Expert. He has taken initiative to set up The Halloween Raffle at the Clubhouse. ( Watch for details) He is working on a Fugde fundraisier and he is setting up an Informational Table at the Massena Downtown Event in mid October. And he is just getting started... He is also going to set up a Member Clubhouse Meeting to get organized and involve all membes in planning and particiapting in our events. What about the Bill Wilson Trip.... we hope to sneak that in Mid October. The ten year Anniversary Celebration... working on it. Narcan Training.. within the next two weeks... count on it. Have a good week ever

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