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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everyone , 

Good news!!  The Alexandria Bay trip is a go !!!!  Thanks to an Anonymous Donor we will be going to Alex Bay on Saturday September 9.  We will leave early enough to go to an AA mtg in Alex Bay, eat lunch, take a boat ride and visit Boldt Castle.  We already have some people signed up so if you are interested  in going let us know right away. Specific details to follow but plan on leaving early int he morning and bring a lunch !! By the way we will be home in time to attend Gaeton R.'s 32  Anniversary at the 7 pm  Saturday night AA mtg . Congrats Gaeton R.  The following day there will be a meal after the Sunday 1 pm AA mtg. but we havent planned it yet. Any volunteers to do the meal? Let Sue L know right away .  

This Friday Pickleball is cancelled because the arena wil not be open. Thats too bad as Eddie G, Steve, Tyler, & Nick and sometimes Austin who  really enjoy the game. Delma W will cordinate other times available to play and maybe the following Friday will be back on schedule.  Char B also said she has outdoor equipment so maybe this Sunday  we can set up a game in the parking lot.  

Last Sunday many of us attended the Jim Brady Picnic and then went back over to the Campsite at Coles Creek for another cookout.  Big thanks to Char B who went all over the North Conrtry in search of corn on the cob! She found it.  Delma W. brought the left over wood from the last camping trip and cup cakes for dessert. Rebecca and Joe brought the Tims coffee and watermelon,  Eddie G. helped Danny set up the Camper, Doug K started the campfire, Nick went for a swim and the rest of us just ate food!!!  Gaeton R. and Danny L of course wanted to play cards in the dark and they did.  We have a new caming buddy. Mike C.  He didn't have any more worms tales to share but it was great to see him nevertheless.   He assure us he wil be at the next Camping Trip September 4-6 back at Coles Creek.  Another great site right on the water.  If you want to pitch a tent let us know. We have plenty of room.  The next night the First 164 pag Reading  was held at the campsite. We did serve dinner before we read . After the meeting in the dark  Delma, Danny Gaeton and Stacey played cards and well Stacey and Gaeton beat Danny and Delma ! 

Last Saturday the Clubhouse was open all day for the first time in a long time. Thank-you for keeping the doors open Kenny B.  Brian M. stopped in and then Rebecca T, and Eddie G. was there, and this was all after the NA mtg.   So maybe this Friday we can try and keep the doors open as well.   See you Friday... its a good time to see the Clubhouse if you havent already.  

The Sunday before, John C from NCFH cooked Chicken Alfredo along with his side kick Dave.  We heard he likes to help prepare food  ... he told us, now we know... watch out Dave! The meal was delcious once again. John C is a great cook.. when he cooks we always have a great crowd.   Wonder what he will do next. Stay tuned. Lots of people helped  set up and cleanup . ( which really means I can't remember)  Thanks to Joe for taking care of the extra tables. ( I did remember that)    Stacey S had the day off so she wanted to play cards with Gaeton and beat Danny and Steve/Delma . She did!! So now Danny is after Stacey to play again becasue ... he wants to win  As so it goes ...... 

Has everyone seen the New O Great Spirit PosterGaeton R had made for the Clubhouse.  Its great. We are in search of a frame and the perfect location to hang it.  Thanks Gaeton .   

Other news:  We will be scheduling  another First 164 pages Reading in September. We already have a handful of intereted people so jump on board if you want to read with us. Bring your Sponsor, a Big Book and a Hi-lighter.   Also we are running out of supplies because we have been so busy. Not a bad prob

have!  We are in need of Papertowels, Heavy paper plates, and clear Garbage Bags. If you have some change to spare , we  would  appreciate the donation.  Also, Welcome back Thomas from Florida. Great to see every year about this time!!!

On September 2 the Clubhouse will have been open 10 years. Surviving on numerous volunteers, donations and fundraisers and dues for those that can pay.  Big thanks to all the people who have helped keep this place going. There will be a celebration ... it just has to be planned!!!

Has anyone read the bottom of page 62 in the Big book or page 92 in the 12 and 12? It speaks on tolerance and patience.... great reminder when in turmoil 

More next week 

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