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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Sue LapradeTue, Jul 11, 12:19 PM (6 days ago) to

Hi Everyone, Still catching up on the newsletters. It has been just about a month .... and the month has been much more work than anyone anticipated. However we had a bunch of people helping us and the kinks are slowly being worked out. We are also tying to organize activities at the same time . So here is what is going on this week and what went on last month. Will attempt a Readers Digest version of events ! You are welcome in advance John F. This Wednesday July 12 , thanks to the Generosity of Cedar View Golf Course , 15 people will be golfing or learning how to golf from 10am-2pm . We have golfers from the Clubhouse, Danny L, Delma W,& Karen M, willing to help out and have secured rides for the North Country Freedom Home guys. After golf we will head to the clubhouse for lunch and maybe a meeting. The idea stemmed from Danny L's experience of learning how to golf in sobriety and we thought what a great idea for the clubhouse to sponsor this type of event. The weather looks good ... keep your fingers crossed. The next activity Pickleball was suggested by Delma W. This is another activity available in the North Country. Delma W, Char B, and Karen M are all pickleball enthusiast so we will recruit them to help teach the specifics. That activity is scheduled for Friday August 4th. We are also camping at Robert Moses July 23-26. Most likely will have a cookout at the campsite after the Sunday AA meeting. Watch for announcements . We are also working on the Alexandria Bay Boat Tour Excursion. As soon as we get confirmation we will spill the details. Plan on the day. Boat Tour with another Box lunch and a little time to explore the town. We already know Kenny B., Willie M., and Danny L are all on board just so they can say they went to Canada again!! Plan on this activity sometime in August. Our Annual Fall trip to the Bill Wilson House will be sometime in late September early October. Keep your schedules clear! The other Big News is that we are adding a New Meeting: The First 164 Pages on Fridays at 5 pm. Thanks to Rebecca T who initiated the Meeting and Kenny B. who will be helping out. Rebecca is encouraging all Newcomers to attend the meeting with their Sponsors and if you don't have one, she has recruited some Old Timers to attend. If you can, bring your Big Book, notebook and a pen. The meeting will start promptly at five so be on time! Great idea Rebecca. Thank-you. Last Sunday April 9 Stacie S. celebrated her One Year Anniversary at the 1 pm AA Meeting. Kurt W. was a great Speaker , especially for the Newcomers ,, Danny L thanked the Speaker and Sara M presented Stacey with her coin . We had a great meal thanks to Pam B who made the best Sloppy Joes , Sara M for a great potato Salad, Willie M. made his awesome Salad, Sue L brought corn on the Cob that Delma W. cooked and Lois J brought the watermelon. Thanks for cutting up those cucumbers Willie M!! and lets not forget Ice Cream Char who loaded us up on ice cream. She has been a great summer replacement even though we have seen Sailor Steve the last two weeks... What's up with that Steve and where is your Skipper David D? Naturally we had a celebration cake and Eric F brought a Raspberry cake as well. As you might have guessed the card players disappeared in to the Card Room . Gaeton R, Danny L, Stacey S, and Pam B all played the first game. Stacey S wanted to be sure everyone knew she and Gaeton beat Danny L hands down two times. Carol H and Delma W played too , just not sure when!! Stacie brought her Karaoke Machine and people had a great time. Char started the singing, followed by Stacie and Rebecca, and a few others. We hear Keith was really singing up a storm .. but the big news was Danny L singing Big John. It was hilarious. Great to see you Charlie C., Kirk W, and Justin. It was a great day at the clubhouse Thanks to all the people who helped clean up and set up. Sunday July 2 we had a real mix of foods.... Hot dogs, grilled cheese, soup, salad, chips, watermelon. I guess it doesn't matter what you serve the food will be gone by the end of the day. The grilled cheese was a big hit.. who knew? Thanks to everyone who contributed. Delma W. brought the grilled cheeses, Lois J. the hotdogs and Char B. cooked both! Carol H brought a salad, Sue L watermelon and soup . Delma W and Lois J made awesome cake for dessert and of course we had Ice cream thanks to Ice Cream Char. We had a big surprise when Sailor Steve ( Ice Cream Steve ) walked through the door. Nice to see you Sailor Steve. Next time bring the Skipper Dave D. with you!! Thanks everyone for all the monetary contributions to keep these meals going. There was a card game but no Gaeton R. so as you might have guessed, the game ended early. Tuesday July 4 we decided to hold the picnic inside for the sake of people's ability to breathe in the heat!! It was actually a lot of fun. We grilled the burgers inside. Thanks to our indoor grill donated by Grace B.. Had lots of picnic food and enjoyed some games of Uno and Pitch. That is all I remember about that day. No idea who cleaned up. We have a lot of committed people who have worked days on end to clean up and set up the clubhouse and sometimes using their own money to help out. . Some would rather not be acknowledged so Thank you for all of the extras and time you have spent organizing and cleaning and setting up at the clubhouse. It has made a huge difference in the move to a new location . Other news: Check out our soda machine ! Thanks for that idea Karen M. Darcy F. just revamped our brochure and it looks fantastic, Paulette R. just dropped off a huge box of paper products for our Sunday meals, and Grace G donated an indoor grill, instapot and rice steamer. Carol W donated an industrial mop and thank-you to Rebbecca T, Char B, Kenny B and Sue L for making pick up runs in Canton for the North Country Freedom Home guys and for Racheal in Parishville. Also thanks to Carl C, Eric F, Delma W.,NCFH Guys, Char B., Stacie S. and Pat O for helping us move and clean up the old place. Pat even rented a uhaul to bring everything to the dump!! By the Way we will be celebrating out Ten Year Anniversary in September and will combine the event with an open house. Looking for volunteers to help us plan the day.. See Sue if you want to be on the planning committee. We are offically all caught up but there wil still be More next week....

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