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This Week@39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

Now that you know what is in the works for the summer ...its important to know all the work behind the scenes and all the people that helped out during our big transition to a new location. But first....

Sunday , Fathers Day, we had a great time with the folks at St. Johns Episcopal Church. We were well represented as twenty two people from the clubhouse showed up. We were presented a 150.00 donation and then had a discussion about Willie M's famous salad which he did not bring and instead bought two dozen doughnuts .. then we got to eat! We enjoyed a delicious meal with so much food we could barely eat dessert. Although, Danny L didn't seem to have a problem with it! After the meal we played what we have dubbed "The Stupid Game" and had a blast. Over 40 people joined in to play. There was this box... and a large bag too. Willie M tried his best to get both gifts and until the last two cards were drawn it look like it might get it.... he went home empty handed but had a lot of laughs along the way. After the game some people went fishing a while others stayed around for the AA Meeting. It was a nice break from all this rain and a chance to mingle with others we might not have had an opportunity to meet. We never know when our HP will present itself. One woman won the hidden twenty dollar gift and she shared with Danny L she was so happy because now she could afford her medicine. It is worth mentioning especially when some of us lose faith during difficult times. Also thanks to drivers. Patti H, Kenny B, Char B, and Sue L for getting everyone to the picnic who needed a ride. One last thing... Gaeton R. and he and Danny L wanted to play cards after the picnic so some people went back to the Clubhouse ... it was a long day . Just ask Rachael!

Saturday, we held out first event in our new location. Al-Anon had a Mini Day of Sharing from 9-noon. It was a fantastic turnout with 35 people attendees. It was great to see so many people we haven't seen since the Pandemic. Liz ( Betty) B. gave a wonderful talk on her journey of addiction and what eventually led her to Al-Anon. She told us about the Five G's she lives by... come to the Clubhouse and we will share what the five G's are.... Of course we had tons of food too. Top honors go to Pam B who made a huge pan of tomato mac & beef soup and Jane F. who made the best mac and cheese anyone has ever had... In fact it was so good they asked us to keep inviting Jane back to the Clubhouse. Big huge thanks to Carol H and Pam B for opening the Clubhouse early and getting the food ready as Sue L had to make a last minute run to pick up people. Also a big Thank you to Char B & Sue L who finished unpacking and setting up the clubhouse for 6 hours on Friday and to Delma W who went in at night and continued working on the kitchen. It was well worth the time as we received some many positive comments. Thankyou to the NA Meeting for being so flexible with the start time. People just wanted to hang around so they didn't get started until 12:30 .

We have had some really great Sunday meals the last month. We also have 25-30 people attending Come to the Table Meeting and meal regularly since we have moved Consider joining us sometime.

Caitlyn and Karen M sponsored the BBQ Spare Rib Dinner with all the side dishes to go with it. Mac & Cheese, pork & beans, coleslaw, rolls, Potato Salad from North Country Freedom Home, and Hash from Sara M. Delma W. made cupcakes and we are still living off Ice Cream Steve's donations. Thank you to Scott and Jonathan from NCFH for cleaning up and taking out the garbage.

One Sunday we had Sue L . organized the Subs and Salads meal. She provided all the meat and rolls and people filled in with salads.. Thanks for the Tossed Salad and Potato salad North Country Freedom Home. Whoever brought the vegetable and fruit tray, and potato chips my apologies for not remembering who but thankyou. Once again we did have ice cream for dessert thanks to Ice cream Steve . Again, clean up is a mystery to me but I know we had a lot of volunteers . I think Eric F. may have helped with clean up and set up . If that was you Eric thanks

The next Sunday Pam B. took charge and made a Turkey dinner. Pam cooked the turkey, stuffing and gravy. Sue L brought glazed carrots, Char B brought green Casserole, NCFH mashed potatoes and Mac & cheese, Kathleen M. brought the rolls, Eric F. brought pickled rhubarb ,there was a tossed salad and Amanda K brought cupcakes for dessert and Willie M brought a dozen doughnuts that were gone before the AA Meeting started and... we finished up the ice cream so now Ice Cream Char will be taking over Steve's position for the rest of the summer and Steve will now return to his Sailor Steve title until further notice. Hey Steve is the Skipper David D. on the high seas with you? Anyway, Delma W, Josh S. and Scott all helped with the clean up and taking our the garbage. Thank -you

By the way I neglected to mention the Card games that went on every Sunday. Of course Danny L and Gaeton R were the mainstays but they have recruited Andrew , Stacie S., Carl C. ,Carol H., and of course Char B and Delma W were in the mix sometime this last four weeks. All we are missing is Karen M. ... Come check out the card game room . Most comfortable chairs in the whole place. We have noticed that people are hanging around more now that the card players are self contained!!

Other news: We now have the WIFI hooked up thanks to Eric F. for meeting the Spectrum people. While he was waiting he labled all of our kitchen containers. Thanks Eric. We also have a soda machine so we no longer have to worry about the money. The price is the same 50 cents and Delma W made us a garbage can with specifically for the empties. Thanks Delma And Thanks to Karen M and Char B for making the call and completing the paperwork. Thank-you to Stephanie from Rome NY for the 100.00 donation. She is one of our biggest supporters and we appreciate her generosity. Jim R donated a coffee table for our Meeting room. Its great, we can store all meeting info in the drawers. Thanks Jim R. Carl C. installed our AA and NA logs on the sign out front and come check out our signs Darcy F. made . There is a sign on the door and on one side the big sign. As soon as she gets more purple ink and and has the time she will finish the other side. Thanks Darcy and Carl. Sue L just planted the yellow and purple flowers... she couldn't help herself it had to balanced out there.

Well it looks like there will be a Part 3 Newsletter detailing all the help we had from club members moving. More in a day or two!

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