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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,   Its summertime  finally and the reports will continue to get shorter and shorter as people start to spend time outside.  That is of course you are a card player ...  sun is secondary to a good card game!  Just ask Carol H. and a few others .  Last Sunday we had a great cold plate lunch.  Delma  made subs ( thanks for paying Bob F. ), Sue L made  potato salad, and Willie M made his famous Salad.  Of course Willies salad was gone in a minute and so was the potato salad so Sue L will just stick to that!!  The subs were gone in a flash too.  We missed Darlene who was out of town but were were thrilled t see Mike P return with Sam and welcome to Newcomer . Tim B.   Thanks one more time to Melissa who cleaned up the kitchen before we all left for the Locks and Beach.  Willie M, Melissa, Kenny B, Clyde, Jose, Brian, Tim B. and Sue L all went to the locks. Although there was no ship in sight everyone enjoyed the experience and want to return to watch the ship go up and down and then leave... as Danny says. !!   We then went to the beach for a few hours and Melissa and her kids actually braved the cold waters!!  Most of us just enjoyed the sun and had great conversations.  Sylvie M and Eddie S. also joined us at the Beach. We were entertained when Eddie and his son tried to catch the Sea Gulls .... we never heard if they were successful?  By the time we returned the card players (two tables) were gone. We dropped Tim B. off for the Veterans Mtg and  found Joe Gcleaning the Clubhouse from top to bottom. Thanks Joe,it looks great.  The week was very slow.  We hear that Bob M has opened the clubhouse during the afternoons twice this week and Joe G. cleaned the fridge one of those days . We have a few newcomers struggling so if you have the time we need to keep the clubhouse open in the afternoons.  Sue L will be asking people to help out so start thinking when you have free time. Remember this is the primary purpose of the clubhouse.  The Women's Mtg is enjoying good participation on Thursdays at 6pm. Thanks for starting the Meeting Sarah M. and welcoming all women to the room. There is also a Mens Meeting at the same time and participation is picking up at this meeting too.  Thanks for keeping it going Carl C. The Monday Al-Anon Mtg at 7 pm.  is back to normal after half of its members finished the Alpha Program.  Don't be surprised if those of us who participated tell you all about it. It was a great spiritual experience. So  if you see Carol H. John S. Bob F. Sue & Danny L  walking toward you.....  Other news, Narcan Training at the Clubhouse will be starting soon.John B. we will set up some training times in the near future. Danny Land Bill D. are planning a Golf  Tournament as a fundraiser. It is a huge undertaking so if you can help in any way let them know. Next week we should have finalized  the details. We  will be Camping June 30-July7 at Coles Creek site 91.  Please feel free to stop out any time. So far we have heard from Mike P, Jose,and Karen M all who want to pitch a tent.  Carol H might stay in the RV as she is a Glamper! any many have plans to come out on the 4th.  . There is  sure to be a few card games, campfire, good food and great company.  We know KennyB., Newcomer Tim B., Willie M  and Gaetan R. and a few others stopping out .  Join us for a few hours ....If you need a ride a call Sue and Danny L More next week .....

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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

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This Week@39 Serenity Place

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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

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