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This Week @ 39 Serenity Place

Hi Everybody,

So its a been a month since my last note. Time just has a away of slipping by I guess . That combined with the holidays, illness and " I'll do it tomorrow " procrastination! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to 2023.

This Sunday January 15 after the 1 pm AA Meeting we will serve a ham and anything else that people contribute dinner. We can always count on Stacey S, Tina C. and Ice Cream Steve to keep us stocked up in desserts. Karen M. has supplied us with fantastic meals the last three weeks so we are giving her a break and asking everyone to step up and contribute to the dinner. So other than ham it will be a surprise dinner! We hear Jim R. purchased a DVD player for the clubhouse and is bringing movies Sunday. Thanks Jim Hope to see everyone .

Pass the word ....The Saturday the NA Meeting has changed times from 11:30 am to Noon and has renamed the group to Recovery Warriors!! Thanks to Hannah H for establishing the meeting. We appreciate all that you were able to do. Also thanks to Sara M. and Kenny B for agreeing to take on the meeting and teach the newcomers how to chair meetings. Thanks for stepping up Kenny B and Sara M. We appreciate your commitment to the Newcomers.